March 20, 2006: Errands Day

Lots to do today. This job in New Jersey is running us ragged as we try to get everything ready so that I can go. On Friday I had to run to Rochester to deal with fingerprinting. This morning Dominica and I got up and drove up to a medical center right across the street from her office and I did my drug test. That ended up taking a lot longer than it should have. Maybe an hour or so. At least it gave Min a chance to just sit in the car and study for her A+ test. She had brought study materials along with her so that she could be productive. Oreo was just happy to get to be in the car.

After the drug test we drove around looking for “Dogs At Play” – a doggie day care facility that we are considering for Oreo when there is no one to watch him. Once again, hardships of me moving. I have been his stay at home doggie dad ever since we got him. I really enjoy getting to spend the day with Oreo. This is going to be tough on both of us. We had a heck of a time finding “Dogs At Play”. They are located on a one way street in a really awkward and hard to get to area of the city. We probably drove around for more than twenty minutes just trying to find the street and being within a block or two of it almost the entire time.

The day care place looked nice. They have alternating big dog / little dog days. Today was a big dog day but there were two Boston terriers there too. Both of the women who run the place have Bostons and they are there everyday. Apparently Bostons are really good at holding their own with larger dogs. They really don’t realize how small they are. The two Bostons that live there are both girls and much smaller than Oreo. Oreo is about 25 pounds and on the large side for a Boston. He is all muscle and in very good shape, not pudgy (like his daddy.) He is also quite tall. So he really seems like a much larger dog than most of the Bostons that we meet. Oreo didn’t get to go in and visit today. They think that it is usually too much for a dog to be suddenly introduced into the world of doggie day care. They prefer to bring them in with just a few dogs and let them get acquainted before letting them in with the larger numbers during the day. So Dominica made an appointment for next Monday to bring Oreo in and let him play with the two Bostons for a little while to see how they get along.

We were hungry and drove down to Jay’s Diner for some lunch. We called Andy on the way down but weren’t able to find him to see if he wanted to get some lunch too. We went right past his apartment on the way and even pulled into the parking lot to see if he was there but there weren’t any signs of life so we went on to lunch by ourselves. At Jay’s we tried their new stuffed French Toast which is basically regular French toast sliced in half and covered in cream cheese. Yummy! But boy is that ever a filling meal.

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