March 21, 2006: Happy 30th Nate Parker!!

Nate joins the ranks of all of us thirty-somethings today. One by one they fall.

The sun is out today and all of the snow is disappearing pretty quickly. I had to get up this morning to a call from Eric because one of our routers was down and lots of services were off line. Good thing that this happened and not a week from today. That would put us into a real panic. I sure hope we are stable at least through next week. Next week will be the worst week for a long time because I am going to be so busy just learning my way around and how to deal with things down in New Jersey. And we don’t know how good my Internet connection is going to be. So that could increase our panic level significantly.

My main project today is preparing my presentation for FLCC tomorrow. I am doing my Operating System Architecture lecture tomorrow morning at 9:00. Dad is picking me up here in Geneseo at 7:45 and we are driving over there together. He is going to video tape the presentation for me. The school is going to try to record it as well but they were not sure whether or not they would be able to do that tomorrow. So today I am putting together the PowerPoint presentation to use tomorrow. I am assuming that I will have projector again that I can use.

When dad and I get back to Geneseo tomorrow Dad is going to take Oreo home with him for the day and Dominica will pick him up on her way home from work. Andy and I fly out at 5:00 so our day is pretty short in general. I shouldn’t be in too much of a rush but I pretty much will just get home from Canandaigua and then head straight out to pick up Andy and drive to the airport. We really should be at the airport by 3:30. So I need to leave Geneseo at 2:45. I expect that dad and I will get back to Geneseo around noon or 1:00, do lunch and then it will be time for me to leave.

Min and I went out for lunch. It must seem like we never eat at home. Oh wait, we don’t. On the way home we went to Walmart and got some supplies including new binkies for Oreo and a new ball for him to play with, some groceries and two movies: Capote and Chicken Little. I got a cute video of Oreo Playing with His New Rubber Ball that I posted to the Internet Archive this evening.

So I have discovered that the PocketPC PDA that I have that used to be able to last for a month on a single battery charge is now only able to last for three days or so. It is very discouraging. My cell phone is having the same issue. Even with the ultra-mega-super-massively extended life battery it is lucky if it survives a single night at my bedside. I don’t understand why suddenly every battery driven device that I own is unable to hold any type of charge at all.

I finally managed to get Fedora Core 5 downloaded and installed today. So far I am pretty impressed. Overall it looks like a more polished product than the previous version and the installation process is even easier than the last go-round. Installing Fedora Core is a total breeze. I am quite impressed.

Late this afternoon Dominica and I decided that we needed to take a break and relax. So we headed down to the theatre and watched Chicken Little and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. HP4 is definitely showing the series mature. They seem to be getting better and better. I am really looking forward to the upcoming installments.

After the movies it was more studying for us. Dominica tried a number of practice tests and has determined that she is not ready to take her A+ exam quite yet and we are going to have to put it off. We are going to try to take it on Monday on my way to New Jersey.

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