March 26, 2006: Preparing to Leave

Today I managed to post the two parts of the Operating System Architecture lecture that I gave at Finger Lakes Community College on Wednesday morning. You can check out Lecture Part One and Lecture Part Two hosted at OurMedia. Sorry but I didn’t have time to do anything but turn the files in Windows Media videos so what if you can’t use those there isn’t anything that I can do right now. I have been way too busy to worry about getting these into a better format. I am hoping that whatever the college makes will be better than these but it could easily not be. These are pretty decently large videos since they are 640×480. I think that they turned out really well, though, and look good and you can hear them decently well.

Dominica and I both slept in this morning. We needed it. Min is always exhausted after having been working all week and needs her Sunday mornings to catch up. I haven’t had much sleep and this was my first full night in my own bed so I was appreciating the time.

Dad came over after church and picked us up and we went over to the Omega Grill for lunch. We have to get in all of the Omega time that we can because I am going to be deprived of it starting tomorrow. We got back from lunch and discovered that Oreo had had an accident again. We figured that this would happen. He didn’t get enough time to go outside three times before we left and he really needs that to happen each and every day. At least we have learned that that is what it takes.

Dominica and I spent the afternoon studying and packing. I have a plastic bin in the living room that I am placing books, magazines, electronics and everything else non-clothing related into so that I can just carry it out to the car tomorrow. Dominica packed all of my clothes and stuff so that I wouldn’t forget anything. I always end up forgetting stuff that I need or panicing and thinking that I forgot something that I need.

Dominica did a lot of studying too. Tomorrow is her first ever certification exam and she is pretty nervous. She doesn’t have a really good idea of what to expect and she is a nervous test taker anyway. I needed to spend more time studying for my exam than I did but I have so many other things to do that I couldn’t focus on it as much as I wanted to. I am feeling confident enough that I am not really worried. And given everything else that is going on it isn’t the biggest deal in the world if I don’t pass it. At some point you just have to take these tests and learn what they are like whether you pass them or not. I am at that point so at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon I am taking the Security+ test ready or not.

At 5:30 Dominica and I went over to the Omega, again, and met dad and the Richardsons for dinner. This is my last chance to see everyone before I go to New Jersey. We ended up hanging out at the restaurant for two hours. Min and I were both planning on going to bed early but that did not end up happening. We were both still studying at 12:30 in the morning. So much for being well rested.

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