March 4, 2006

Today is “work on the server” day. Things didn’t go as well as I had hoped that they would last night and I didn’t end up being able to go to bed until 7:30 in the morning. I was totally exhausted. I did a ton of work just to discover that the server rebuild was not going to work. I spent the whole night just trying to get the rebuilt server back to the point where it could handle running our commercial web sites. That didn’t end up happening. I had to build a temporary server to keep things going. All kinds of fun.

Oreo and I managed to sleep in until well after noon. I think that he really enjoyed having me come to bed late. He had uninterrupted bed snuggle time for almost two whole nights worth.

The entire day was spent down in the basement trying to get things working with the new server that I am working on. It was a really long day. Since nothing worked last night I had to backtrack and that resulted in a ton of work. Oreo was very understanding and came down to the basement and camped out on his Star Wars pillow. He spent the whole day keeping his daddy from getting too lonely.

I am lucky that at least I have been able to watch a number of movies while working on the server. It isn’t often that the work that I am doing allows me to do that. It made for a nice change. I worked through a lot of movies that I hadn’t seen yet. It has been a long time since I have had a chance to watch very much. Since last night I have managed to work through all of the Pink Panther movies made in the 1980’s. Not that they are good. In fact I have discovered that I really don’t enjoy the Pink Panther movies very much. They really are not funny. There is a certain nostalgic value to these movies. When I was a kid I used to watch the Pink Panther movies with dad. I remember them being funnier. Funny even. Eric and I once rented The Trail of the Pink Panther one night when camping out at his grandmother’s house (I have no idea why we were staying there) and we watched the movie twice because we were bored. Looking back I can’t imagine how we could have been that bored.

I remember being that age… the town of Perry had a curfue and we were not allowed to be outdoors (or something like that) after 9:00 (or something like that.) I don’t really know what the curfue deal was about. But I remember walking down the country roads at night because there was nothing else to do and hiding in ditches when cars would go by so that we wouldn’t get caught. As if the police were driving around looking for ten year old kids who were out at 10:00 pm walking along a field in the middle of nowhere 500ft off of the property that they were allowed to be on. I don’t think that we really believed that anyone was going to get us but life was pretty boring and it was all of the excitement that we could muster.

I also watched Empire Records today. Dominica watched it last week without me so I had to catch up. It isn’t too bad of a movie. I guess it has a pretty good cult following. I also squeezed in Big Top Pee Wee – “Hey Joe, Waddya Know?”. That is a truly awful movie. But for those of us who grew up in an era of “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” you have to have terrible stuff like this in your collection. I was a little old for Pee Wee but Paul Rueben can be hilarious sometimes. I finally watched Flashdance. It is one of those movies that everyone knows but I just haven’t ever seen. There is a ton of awesome music from it too. A lot more than I ever realized. I like any movie that takes place in Pittsburgh. It was great to see a show that had a shot just down the street from where Andy and I used to live in 2000. Just about two blocks away.

Dominica got home and we watched an episode of Remington Steele and headed off to bed. I got a lot of additional work done on the server today. Nothing that is noticeable on the outside but I feel pretty good about the work that I got done. I got to a point where I feel like tomorrow will be pretty productive.

It was about 1:00 in the morning by the time that we went to bed. We were pretty tired.

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