March 5, 2006

Oreo got me up before 8:00. Nothing new there. He needs to be taken out a lot. He seldom gives me much slack. We discovered today that he still has worms. Still. After two months. We haven’t had any signs of them since we first discovered them two months ago. It is really weird that they suddenly show up again. We need to talk to the vet tomorrow to find out what to do. We are worried about giving Oreo his medicine again because it was the same day that we gave it to him a month ago that he got so sick. It is probably a coincidence but we don’t know that for sure. We have to take care of his worms though.

Dominica decided that she didn’t want to get up this morning. She didn’t tell me until after I had gotten up and showered and gotten mostly ready to go to church. I appreciated having the morning “off” though because I am still really exhausted from the past two days of work. And there is a lot more work yet to be done today.

This is a really busy week. I know that I all ready mentioned the schedule but here are some extra details. Dominica is going to the school in Castile with dad tomorrow. Then she is staying home on Tuesday with the dog while I am out of town in Ithaca all day. Then I go straight down to New Jersey from Ithaca. I need to get a hotel reservation yet but I expect to be staying someplace really near to where I am interviewing so that I can just roll out of bed and head in to the interview. The interview should be done around noon so I can get right back up to Geneseo long before Dominica will get out of work.

I managed to get a lot more work done on the server this morning. I at least have the temporary server now running and able to provide SGL for everyone who has been missing us the last two days.

Dad came over after church and we all went out to lunch at the Omega. While we were there the Millens happened to come by and we got a chance to visit with them for a little bit. Dad couldn’t hang out for very long because he had stuff going on this afternoon. It was probably for the best since I have a ton of work to keep doing on that server. It is going to take quite a while before it is all back together.

Min and I got home and headed down to the basement so that I could get back to work on the server. We spent the entire afternoon and the evening in the basement watching movies while I worked. I am getting pretty tired of watching movies but it is about the only thing that I can do while I am working. At least today I am finally able to get back to doing the SGL updates again. Everything from the old server has been recovered and is back up and running on the temporary machine.

We made it through a ton of movies again today. Urban Cowboy, Bye, Bye Love, The Son of the Pink Panther, Back to the Future, Lena’s Holiday and I finished watching Inspector Clouseou with Alan Arkin that I started a few days ago. At this rate I might actually manage to work my way through all of these movies eventually.

Dominica went to bed at 10:30. She has to be up pretty early in the morning. I did a full install on the server but it didn’t take so I had to stay up late giving it another try.

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