April 4, 2006: Week Two, Day Two

I was up and at’em nice and early this morning. I was into the office by 7:30. Hard to believe that I am getting up early in the morning and driving to work. Who would ever have guessed? I like going in early because you get a chance to get started on the day without so many things going on. You can get through the email and stuff and get a nice relaxing start. I also like it that there is a little less traffic than there is just a little bit later. I hope that if I shoot for 7:00 that the commute might only be fifteen minutes or so.

This morning was very quiet again. Hardly anything going on at all. Yesterday was totally devoid of people. Today there is a little more happening but still not very much. I got to start doing some training on Solaris at work while there is nothing else going on. It is a good use of my time. I am very excited. I have worked on Solaris in the past but have never done any sort of formal training on it. This is a really good opportunity for me. There is a lot of Solaris at work and adding that to my repetoire is a really good point of stability. Good long term investment.

I got some real work to do today and my first client. Now this is confusing to a lot of people because they think that I have a normal job and then hear that I have a client. The way it works is that we are a huge IT organization that services the non-IT portion of the company. Business units within the larger company then go to the IT division and get assigned resources much like consultants. So you get to have a personal relationship between yourself and your clients and everyone knows the people that they deal with. It is a really nice way to deal with this kind of stuff on a large scale.

After work I just spent a quiet evening alone at the hotel. I watched some television tonight – I just needed a break. I got just about nothing done but that is okay. I just wanted to relax. I ordered in some Dominos to make life simple.

I have been trying to upload my commute video from Monday but I can’t get OurMedia to accept it. The upload tool that I use is not working at all now but I am not sure why. So you probably won’t get to see the video until I return to New York on Friday night.

Dad and I are planning on going to the York Central High School Musical production of “My Fair Lady” on Saturday evening. Not sure what time it is. Probably 7:00 or thereabouts. I had originally hoped to be able to make it to the musical at Ithaca High School on Friday night but I can’t imagine that there is any chance of that. But we will see. There is always a slight chance that I will get out of work early and can make it there before the curtain goes up.

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