April 7, 2006: Time to Head Home

I didn’t set an alarm to get myself up this morning because I wanted to make sure that I was well rested before I worked all day and then drove all evening. But I was still up at 5:30 and moving pretty early.

I packed up the hotel and was actually doing really well time wise. Yesterday was my first day taking the backroads both directions through New Jersey and I gave it another try again today. This morning the traffic was absolutely terrible and it took me half an hour to move a mile through South Bound Brook. That was quite the pain. I guess that it is probably a result of having left just a little bit too late. I was running earlier yesterday and that could have easily made the difference.

So I didn’t get to work as early as I had hoped to but it wasn’t too bad. I know the route now and I can drive it confidently. I got to work a little after 8:15. Shortly after I got to work the team had bagels delivered. They were really good. It was the perfect day to have bagels show up since I didn’t have a chance to grab breakfast this morning. Not that I can’t get breakfast at work. But it is nice to have it right there in the office. And free is always good too.

My good news for the day is that the apartment complex in North Brunswick called to let me know that I was approved. I didn’t get a chance to take the call so I have to call them back yet to schedule the lease signing and all of that stuff. But it sounds like things are moving along okay and I will probably be able to move in next weekend like we had hoped. Boy will it be nice to be out of the hotel. I am missing having a real desktop to work on and space to spread out and places to put things and room to move and the ability to store food.

I was hoping to be able to leave work early today and I didn’t want to be really tired during the afternoon in case I needed to be productive so I skipped lunch. Eating lunch always makes me so incredibly tired in the afternoon. It becomes such a struggle to get through the rest of the day. So around 3:30 I was getting pretty hungry. But at least I wasn’t tired.

I ended up having a lot of work to do this afternoon and instead of leaving early I ended up putting in an hour of over time. So it was 7:30 by the time that I finally got to leave Warren. I was pretty anxious to hit the road by the time I was getting out of town.

I made good time heading west for the first fifteen or twenty miles but then there must have been an accident because suddenly the highway backed up and I spent half an hour in stop and go traffic. So it was well after 8:30 by the time I finally got to Easton, Pennsylvania and stopped at the McDonald’s to get my only meal of the day. I ate in the car as I headed north. I didn’t want to waste any time. I will be home late enough as it is.

The drive went by pretty quickly. I spent a lot of the drive on the phone with Mary. We haven’t had much of a chance to talk recently so we did a bunch of catching up. That helped the drive go faster.

I rolled into Geneseo at half past midnight. Boy was I tired by the time that I got in. Dominica and Oreo were in bed waiting for me. The lights were still on but they were almost asleep. Oreo didn’t even realize I was home for quite a while. When I uncovered him and gave him kisses he got so excited that he had to run out to the living room to chew on his bone. He was very happy to have me home.

Here is an insane hamster running in his wheel that you just can’t miss. No seriously, go watch this one. Go on now. Go on. Dominica thought that the video was so funny that she watched it ten times!

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