April 8, 2006

Dominica worked early today. She had to be up at 7:15. Almost seven hours of sleep is pretty good for me. I got up just a few minutes after Min. Oreo wasn’t too happy to not have anyone stay in bed for several hours with him. He had been looking forward to hours of extra snuggles.

I had a phone conference at 9:00 this morning to the project that Dominica and I are working on this week. That took a big chunk of my morning. Then at 11:00 I had to run over to the bank to deal with some paperwork. Fortunately that took almost no time at all.

Originally the plan had been for me to do some of the actual project work today but we all decided that it would be better to just hold off and do more tomorrow. That way today is not a panic, I am not doing any of the sites alone – which doesn’t help anyone – and I get a chance to relax a little before having to return to New Jersey.

I tried to spend as much time as possible with Oreo today. He is having a really hard time with me being away and he needs lots of love and reassurance. He spent the entire day completely glued to me. I spent a bit of time working in the upstairs office and he just lay right at my feet or behind me in the sunlight. He would wake up and be excited that I was home and then he would run into the living room and play with his big rubber ball for a while and then come back in and sleep again.

At 1:00 Oreo and I drove up to meet Dominica, Andy and Tony at The King and I in Brighton for some lunch. Andy and Tony had been spending the morning at their grandfather’s house belping him and their dad to build a television stand. It had turned into a big project and took all morning. Dominica was on her lunch break from FujiFilm. We get so little time to see each other that we have been trying to do lunch together on Saturdays even though it is quite a bit of extra driving.

Tony is pretty sure that he is going to house sit for Dominica and I when Dominica moves down to New Jersey. We are thinking that she will probably start looking to move down around June although there are a lot of variables. The biggest factors being my job and her ability to find one down here. We are pertty sure that she will be able to find one without any problem and probably at much better rates than in Rochester. That means that it will be massively more cost effective for her to be down here rather than in Rochester. That is almost definitely the case. Plus she is much farther along in her career now than she was when she started at Fuji. Hopefully she will have her A+ done soon and maybe even a Network+ done before looking to find something down here. That would put her in really good shape when job hunting.

Andy, Tony and I went to Borders before heading home. We didn’t stay for too long. I was interested in the book “From Bash to the Z Shell” from Apress and was able to find it.

It was probably about 4:30 when I finally got back down to the house in Geneseo.

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