May 11, 2006

I slept in a little this morning getting an actual eight hours of sleep. That is something that I don’t manage to do very often. Boy did I need it though. I have been pretty tired all week. It is going to be a long haul getting through until Dominica can come down with my CPAP on for Monday night.

Dominica is on her home stretch at work. Just three days left to go including today. At the end of the day today she will be halfway through her final week. I am sure that she is starting to get that “winding down” feeling at work. No more stress. The final days are never too bad.

Dominica also found out this morning that she is getting scheduled for an interview with the company that I am working for down here in New Jersey. The position that she will be looking at is a position that is based in Manhattan. It is a really exciting opportunity and it is a direct, not contract, position which would mean full benefits and the works.

Dad managed to get over to Wegmans in Geneseo today while he was picking up Oreo and pick up my pictures that have been there for about two months or more. That is one less thing that I have to worry about now. I can’t remember at all what those pictures would be. I think that they are all recent but I have no idea. Now I can stop carrying around the claim tickets as well. My wallet gets awfully full awfully quickly these days. Junk papers collect very quickly if you don’t keep a close eye on them.

I was able to leave the office at 5:45 because I have been scheduled to work the super early shift tomorrow. I am supporting London clients super early in the morning at 4:00 am our time so I have to be up at 3:30. I figured I would take off a little on the early side so that I could get a little bit of an evening in prior to having to go to bed.

On the way home I stopped by Barned & Nobles on Route 1. I picked up a Spanish dictionary to keep in the car with me because I listen to Spanish radio all of the time. I also got a travel guide to New York City. I wanted to get one to Philadelphia but they didn’t have a single one. How weird is that?

I stopped by at Walmart in the adjacent plaza and looked to see what new DVD releases they had. They really didn’t have anything interesting. I was hoping that they would have at least had the recent release of season four of That 70’s Show but no luck. I was tempted to get a few things but I managed to resist. I am doing much better these days doing some more serious shopping on Amazon and getting movies that we really want and not just whatever is available when we go to the store. I grabbed dinner at the McDonald’s inside of the Walmart and went to the apartment to eat.

I took it easy this evening working on installing software on my “new” Windows XP desktop and watching some movies. I watched Fletch Lives with Chevy Chase. I don’t think that I have seen that one since it was in theatres. I am not positive but I think that I saw it at the Silver Lake Drive In many a moon ago. I also watched the first half of the 1962 remake of State Fair with Pat Boone, Bobby Darrin and Ann-Margaret. Dominica and I were wondering why they did a remake of the 1945 original just 17 years later but it is a major rewrite. It isn’t very good but it is very different. It is fine but I would never recommend it over the classis earlier film. The original is definitely a lot more meaningful to today’s audience than the quirky 1960’s remake. And the acting and music were a lot better in the older film too. I think that over time we will see more and more often that remakes of films fade away and the originals are most often the ones that remain classics. Growing up I never even knew that there was a 60’s version of this film it had all ready faded away.

I only made it through half of the film because I needed to get to bed. It is a heavy rainstorm here so I opened up the windows before bedding down for the night. The rain turned into a massive thunderstorm that lasted for hours. I never really slept all night. I got a good rest in but I was awake almost the entire night. But just laying listening to the rain is awfully relaxing. I dozed off now and again but never for very long. The downside of not having my CPAP. With the CPAP once I am out, I am out. I sleep quite deeply. But without it sleep is just a form of resting with my eyes closed. Weird that I did this for so long and was able to still function. Surprisingly I don’t feel much more tired now than I would if I had been sleeping with the CPAP all week. I wonder what makes that work that way. My sleep patterns are so bizarre compared to anyone else.

I was up at 3:30 to get my computer set up and ready to work. I ended up putting in over an hour and a half on the international conference call. I had figured that I would only have been working for a few minutes but if I would have really thought about it I would have realized that that was not going to be the case. Had I really thought about it I would have gotten up a little earlier and gone into the office to work and just started my day at 4:00 instead of breaking it up doing a few hours now and then the rest of the day later on. In case you are wondering, I am writing the update while I am on the call.

Well my morning call ended up going much later than I had expected. I finished watching State Fair and it is now just after 6:30 and I am still on the line. I can’t believe that it could go too much longer than it all ready has but who knows. I haven’t done one of these before. So I am going to post and move on to “tomorrow”.

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