May 10, 2006

I worked last night until 4:00 in the morning so today I slept in until I felt like getting up. I woke up around 8:00 but went back to sleep until 9:00 or so. Dominica got me up this morning. She is working at TMobile in Pittsford and needed to talk to me about some things. So I decided that it was as good a time as any to get myself out of bed.

I took the morning leisurely getting ready. I left the apartment a little after 10:30. I stopped by at Panera Bread on Route 1 and got myself two cinnamon crunch bagles with light cream cheese. Those are so awesome.

It was just a little before noon when I arrived at the office in Warren. I had a throbbing headache which is a result of being up way too late and then sleeping without my CPAP. I can tell that it is going to be a long day.

Tomorrow my Linux 301 class from Hewlett-Packard starts. It is a free class that is done a lot like a class from Empire State College. It is totally online and has a forum system for the students to interact with each other and the professor. I have been interested in seeing how the HP education system works and so decided to take this class to get a feel for it. The classes are free so I think that it is a really awesome service that HP provides to people. Anyone is eligible to take classes as long as they are not yet filled.

I logged into the class today and did the “welcome to the class” activities that typically take place before the classes start. All of the students introduced themselves and there were a few online conversations in the forums that I responded to.

Dominica found out today that she has an interview set up for Tuesday, May 16th down here in New Jersey with the company that she is currently with. Currently she is a contractor and the position down here is an additional contracting position but doing basically the same job that she is doing in Rochester. And the site where she would be working is very close to the apartment that we have right now. It is really encouraging that they called her about the interview. We were sure that they were not going to because that site had a large round of layoffs this past Friday!

I didn’t stay at work for too long today. I took off a little after 5:15. I was exhausted and it wound up being a really slow day. Of course leaving work at that time results in driving in incredibly crazy rush hour traffic the whole way home which is a pain. But it was nice to be home early.

I was super lazy tonight and I had skipped lunch so I ordered pizza from Dominos. I really need to stop doing that. I popped in Remington Steele and started working on the phones that have not been working. I also worked on the new Windows desktop that I got on Sunday. I finally managed to get its network adapter working and got it started on its updates. It took several hours for all of the updates to download. But at least that is done now. Now I can spend the evening tomorrow getting all of the software that I use installed and set up. That takes several hours as well. There is so much software that I have to put onto a computer when I first get it going. In addition to my standard software I should get all of my Microsoft software installed on that machine as well but I don’t have any of those disks with me. Things like Microsoft Office, MS Project, Visio, etc. This new machine is going to be my new, dedicated Windows desktop so I should have everything that I need loaded onto it. It has a 160GB hard drive which should be quite adequate for me for quite some time since it is just the Windows desktop. My other machine is going to be turned into a SUSE Linux desktop once I am able to get that downloaded. SUSE Linux 10.1 is due to be released tomorrow but it will take several days to get all of the downloads.

I worked until 11:00 tonight. I wasn’t going to stay up so late but I got down to the final episode of Season Three of Remington Steele and needed to finish it. I couldn’t go to bed knowing that there was just one episode left to be watched. I didn’t manage to get anywhere on the phones. In fact I managed to completely kill the one that I have with me so it doesn’t work at all anymore. I am hoping that tomorrow night I will have time to do a full reset on it and start from scratch. Maybe I will get lucky and it will be fine.

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