May 18, 2006

By the time I got to bed last night my right arm had escalated from being a painful elbow to being almost useless. It was in such bad shape that it was hurting constantly no matter what I was doing. I have absolutely no idea what I might have done to make it hurt like this but boy is it bad.

We got to bed at 11:00 last night and I slept in until 7:00 this morning. A full eight hours of sleep. It is amazing.

Not much to report today. Overall the day was pretty “normal”. It is funny – now that I leave the house to go to a “regular” job there ends up being tons less to report each day. Party that is because I really can’t talk about work anymore but also because one day is a lot like the next in many regards.

I got home a little before eight. We watched two episodes of That 70’s Show before going to bed. I spent a huge chunk of the evening on the telephone talking to a contact in Binghamton. I did a little work on the computer and we called it a day. It was a really short evening. We had leftover Southern Indian food for dinner.

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