May 17, 2006

I slept in until 7:00 this morning. It is going to take me several days to get caught up from the past ten days or so being so exhausting. Dominica had to get up just a little bit later than me. She is attempting to catch the 9:00 NJ Transit train into Manhattan for her interview this morning. In theory, the 9:00 will provide her with plenty of time to spare.

My car has a soft tire and I don’t want to drive on it so I went over to Walmart and got some Ultra Tire stuff. I don’t know exactly what it is called. But I used that and hopefully it will plug up wherever the tire is leaking from. That cut into my morning a bit. I hate having to errands before I can get to work. Getting on and off of the highway during rush hour is not convenient. At least by stopping where I did I was able to run into McDonald’s and get some breakfast.

I got to work and discovered that there was a paperwork problem and that they lost some of my security paperwork so I had to spend some time getting fingerprinted again and getting that paperwork moved around. So much for getting a lot of work done today.

I did something to myself and my joints are aching today. First it was my left knee and now my right elbow is killing me. I can barely move it. I suppose that it could be the damp weather that we have been having. Maybe I am getting old and arthritic but that seems to have come on awfully suddenly for it to have been that.

I got home from work and got Min ready and out the door as quickly as I could so that we could go out to get some dinner. My evenings are really short (get home around 8:00 and need to be in bed by around 11:00!) and so I really hate doing anything that involves long transition times between activities such as going into the house and doing nothing while we get ready to go to dinner. People with lots of free time forget how easy it is for “getting ready” to take thirty minutes and when thirty minutes is one sixth of your entire free day it adds up quickly.

We ate dinner at Tanjore on Route 1 not far from the house. The food was just amazing. Just as good as last time. Unfortunatley the restaurante took a really long time getting us “to go” containers and our check after we were done eating. In fact, it took them longer to do that than it took us to order and eat! So that ended up blowing a lot of my evening too. See how quickly this stuff adds up? Running to a quick dinner just around the corner from the house took over two hours!

We got back home and pretty much did nothing but watch a couple episodes of season four of That 70’s Show. Dominica did some work on the computer and I relaxed with the dog. Then it was off to bed.

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