May 16, 2006: Rain

We got in so late last night that it was all that I could do to get out of bed this morning. It was my first night with the CPAP again in over a week. Using the CPAP makes getting up in the morning harder than when I don’t use it even though I get better sleep.

Today was a rain day. It was raining yesterday evening and most of the night. Everything is soaked and even our raised lawn is about half under water. There is standing water everywhere. It was really heavy rain on my entire drive into the office. Several places I had to drive through a couple of inches of water.

It rained pretty much all day. I was very tired and, of all days, was completely swamped with work. I was totally burned out by the end of the day and decided to take off early at 5:15 and get back to the apartment.

Today was Dominica’s interview with the company that she is currently working with’s office in Edison, New Jersey. She thought that it went pretty well. We will see.

Dominica cooked dinner tonight and we spent the evening just relaxing at home. Oreo has had too much disruption recently and needs us to spend solid time with him. That and I just don’t feel like leaving the house all that often now that I am leaving for work for twelve hours a day every day. We watched some Magnum P.I. and then watched the fourth season of That 70’s Show. We watched several episodes before going to bed.

We got the printer hooked up and working. I have an old, beat up but working well Hewlett – Packard LaserJet 5L that uses an old parallel cable. Min had hooked it to the new Linux box but didn’t have root priviledges needed to install it. So we got that working and she updated her resume so that she is ready for her interview tomorrow. She is really nervous about that. Not really about the interview but about the travel to and from the interview. She will be taking the train and the subway all by herself.

It was after midnight by the time that we finally got to bed. I had a lot of work that I had to get done tonight. I had been hoping to have been in bed closer to 10:30 but that never seems to actually work out. We are going to need to get another computer desk so that Dominica will have a place to work while I am using my computer. We don’t have to deal with that for two weeks at least because she is barely going to be around at all for that long.

For those who were paying attention yesterday – we had a day without SGL. We still have no idea what happened. Our network connection was down for a few hours and somehow we also had a database issue so anyone who went to SGL just got an error screen. As you can see, everything is working now but we have no idea why just the database shut down.

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