May 5, 2006: Driving Back to Geneseo

Today is my driving back to Geneseo day. My first time back in three weeks! That is kind of weird, isn’t it?

I got into work this morning kind of early to make sure that I would have an easy time not staying late tonight. I don’t want to stay late on driving days.

I left the office at 5:00 and got stuck in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic for quite a while – pretty much until I got out to Pennsylvania. From there on the traffic was light and I made really good time up to Binghamton.

In the Binghamton area I had to stop off in Endicott to pick up some stuff from John Stephens (aka The Surfing IT Wizard) before heading home. He was borrowing our digital camera and Dominica is going to need that on Monday because she is doing a job in Syracuse. I stopped at McDonald’s and got some quick dinner. As I pulled back out onto Main Street I got pulled over for making a left onto Main St. What a pain. The cop was really nice and didn’t give me a real ticket, though.

It was around 11:00 when I got to the house. Dominica pulled in just minutes behind me with Oreo. He had been with dad all day and she had stopped at dad’s house to pick him up on her way home from work.

I was really exhausted and pretty much went straight to bed.

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