May 6, 2006: Car Issues

First of all we have to celebrate a little today because I finally had a chance to do a word count again after quite some time and SGL has significantly surpassed the King James Bible in length! We are just a day or two away from topping 800,000 words. That is a lot of writing.

I had to get up quite early this morning and take Dominica to work. Her car needed new tires for the summer as she is was still driving on her winter Nokian snow tires and that was getting us bad gas mileage, bad handling and burning up her expensive winter tires. So I drove her to work at 8:00 in the morning. I was not very thrilled about getting up that early on Saturday. We had to be up around 7:00 🙁

I got her to work at 9:00 and then I ran over to Tim Horton’s on Ridgeway to get bagles and muffins for her and her coworkers. Normally she grabs the goodies in Geneseo before she goes in on Saturday.

I hung out at Fujifilm for about half an hour. Then I drove down to Henrietta and dropped off her car at Dunn Tire. I had called ahead and had ordered her tires yesterday afternoon so that I knew that they would be ready for us. It is a pain because both of our cars have really odd sized tires and it makes it really difficult to find any. Our selections are never good. Luckily Dunn was able to find her some nice B.F. Goodrich tires that will work well for her and should last for a while.

By the time I got the car in and everything taken care of it was around 10:30. Andy came by and picked me up so that we could go out and get some breakfast. He was running a little late because he had his fourth kidney stone this morning! He is in really rough shape.

We had breakfast at Jay’s Diner around 11:00. We haven’t seen each other in about a month. I know, tons of my readers only see me every six months at best.

I found out that Min’s car needed more work done than we had anticipated and so it ended up taking all day. I dropped it off just after 10:00 and wasn’t able to get it until 4:00. Her front suspension needed a lot of work. Nothing outrageous, just the result of being a car with almost 70,000 miles on it. But, including the tires, it ended up being almost $1,100 which was a bit more than I had anticipated paying.

It turned out to be a really good thing that I had Andy pick me up and didn’t attempt to just sit at the shop while they did the tires. That would have been awful. After lunch we went back to Andy’s apartment in Brighton and I installed his new IP phone in his office. Then we just hung around for a while. Andy’s little sister Lindsay came over around 2:00.

Andy drove me out to the bank so that I could take care of making a deposit of my paycheck since I have not yet had any chance to set up direct deposit. That is a real pain. It will be nice when that is working again.

At 4:00 Andy ran me back over to Dunn Tire so that I could pick up the car. I drove back down to Geneseo and swung into the house for about fifteen minutes to take care of a few things and then I had to run down to Leicester to pick up Oreo from dad because dad was down there having dinner. Oreo was very happy to get to go home with his daddy. I also managed to pick up the HP D325 desktop that I was buying off of Jeremy while I was there. One less thing to have to deal with tomorrow. Art was just dropping Jeremy off just before I was leaving so I go to see him for about fifteen minutes.

Then it was back home for my longest stretch of the day – forty five minutes. That was my entire, relaxing Saturday at home. My only day without traveling or work. What a busy day. I just sat in the office and talked to Min over AIM and played with Oreo.

At 7:15 I had to pack little Oreo into the car and drive up to pick Dominica up from work. She was waiting outside for us when we got there and we drove down to Henrietta and we got a late dinner from Bill Gray’s restaurant on Jefferson Road. That was really tasty. We don’t eat there often enough although the prices are pretty high so it is probably best. We got some frozen Abbott’s custard too.

After dinner we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of Dominica’s coworkers. Apparently they go there fairly often. We stayed for several hours and they even goaded me into getting up and singing “Come Crying to Me” by Lonestar.

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