June 1, 2006

My second day of getting to actually sleep in and relax. This is really awesome. I woke up plenty before needing to leave and I continued with the packing and cleaning that I had started last night. I have a ton of stuff to return to Geneseo.

Class was good again today. Some of us went out to the Thai House for some lunch. It was good.

I hit the Omega again on the way home. It is convenient when I manage to get out of work early. I came back to the apartment and it was warm and fairly sunny. Before long, though, it was a tremendous thunderstorm and extremely heavy rain. We were under water out here in no time.

Even though it was hot and muggy out I opened up the windows so that I could get the fresh air and listen to the rain. I just love the sound of rain.

I did some light work, finished watching Magnum P.I.>/em> the first season and then watched Cocoon: The Return.

I am really enjoying this new Sandisk Sansa C150 MP3 player. It is so easy to use with Audible and it does such a good job of keeping track of what I have listened to. I can be in the middle of listening to several books at once and it keeps my place in each of them which is a featuer of the AA format from Audible which is a really important feature when you are listening to really long books.

The plan tomorrow is to go to class and take off quickly as soon as class is over and head straight to Frankfort to pick up Dominica and Oreo. Then, if we are stilling doing well on time, we will be able to get back to Geneseo and actually sleep in our own bed for the first time in forever.

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