May 31, 2006

Day two of class. I didn’t have to leave the apartment until 8:45. Boy did that ever feel great. I got some serious sleep last night and didn’t have to jump out of bed when I woke up this morning.

The day was spent in the VMWare class. Fortunately the air conditioning was on today and it was only in the high seventies all day. It felt positively chilly compared to what we were used to.

On the way home I stopped by the Omega Diner and got the amazing French toast for dinner. Then it was on to my apartment. I got home and discovered that the air conditioning in the apartment was fixed too. It was the thermostat that wasn’t working and there was a new one installed when I got in. It was running when I got in and the apartment was sort of cool Not really cool. But a little. A lot more than yesterday.

I watched some more Magnum P.I. and worked on getting a working Zimbra server running for some testing. I started listening to J.M. Robert’s Unabridged “History of the World” that is about sixty five hours long.

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