June 14, 2006: Back to the Day Shift

Today I am back at work in the office. It has seemed like I have been on vacation for the last two and a half weeks. Between leaving work early to go to Ohio, being gone for a few days, having the Monday holiday off, having the week off for a training class, working from home for a week, having visitors over the weekend and then working from home for two more days I barely feel like I have been at the same job that I was at a month ago.

I got into the office this morning and was planning on making a joke about how long I had been out and that I expected that they would have given away my desk but the joke was on me because I got to my desk and found someone that I didn’t know working at my computer! He introduced himself as the new guy in our department (in reality he gave me his name and didn’t just refer to himself as “the new guy” just in case you thought that he was insane or something) and went off to see if someone could find him another desk to use. Everyone was quite surprised to see me.

It isn’t everyday as a blogger that you get good quotes from your friends but today I had to quote Bob from The Jedi Council Speaks: “…being half awake, turned on the water and went to step into the shower and slipped. I fell out of the shower forwards, tore down the shower curtain and rod and hit my head on the toilet seat.”

The rain was back in force today. I mean really, really heavy rain all afternoon into the night. It rained so hard that the commute took me an hour and a half. Every road was at a crawl. There was almost no visibility and there were a few inches of flowing water on the roads in places. My regular route home was a total disaster so I took my old route home on the big highways because they were at least moving a little.

I called Dominica and she and Oreo left the apartment and met me at Tanjore. It is a lot faster for them to meet me rather than have me come home and pick them up and then go to the restaurant. My evenings are too short as it is and I really don’t want to spend all of my free time dealing with logistics. When we sat down to dinner the owner, or at least I presume that he is the owner of the restuarant, told us that we were the lucky preferred customer the other day and that our meal had been on the house. We were really surprised that they would just surprise us with a free meal when it was a meal that we had all ready had and it had been $50 for the two of us! They are just so nice there. I have started ordering my food there really spicy because I have come to realize that those of us from the Buffalo area really do like our food a lot spicier than most Americans and Indians often think that Americans can’t handle spicy food but some of us know better.

It was late by the time that we got back to the house so we did very little other than to just go to bed. My body is still all thrown off from my shifting schedule.

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