June 15, 2006

Dad managed to ship off my new CPAP equipment today so I know that in less than a week I will have it and I won’t have to worry about my old equipment falling apart on me. My CPAP headgear and tubing has most definitely seen better days. The facemask and headset sets are really only designed to last for about three to six months and mine is on eighteen months and it is starting to get pretty ratty. The velcro is ready to die and the one gel pad that braces the thing against my forehead has burst and the gel is oozing out and is as sticky as glue which is a real pain. I have had to coat it with cornstarch so that I can keep wearing it. I am really looking forward to having a new one and my CPAP is really looking forward to having new air filters installed in it.

Nothing unusual at work today. Work is work. I talked to Josh today and his marching show with the Empire Statesmen is at the Wildwood Convention Center in Wildwood, New Jersey on Saturday at 6:00 pm. Dominica and I looked around and she managed to find a hotel in Atlantic City that allows pets so we got a room there so that we can take Oreo with us when we go and then we will be able to spend the night instead of needing to rush right back to get back to him. We are hoping to get a chance to see a little of Atlantic City and Wildwood during the day and then see Josh’s show in the evening. We need to come right back to North Brunswick on Sunday morning because I have some work that I need to do very early on Sunday afternoon, and Dominica needs to drive to Frankfort as soon as we get back as well. She will be in Frankfort until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Josh will be coming up this way and spending the evening nearby. He will be the first person from back home other than Dominica’s family to see our apartment or the area in which we live. He is working in Jersey City on Monday morning so we are going to grab breakfast before he and I head off to work. I am trying to convince Bob to come down since he is marching band guy and it is his first Monday off from teaching.

Hewlett-Packard is currently offering some good sounding classes so I decided to just sign up for a few of them and give them a spin. I really enjoy taking classes so I didn’t want to miss any that really seemed to apply. So I added, in addition to the “Introduction to Network Attached Storage” class that I was all ready in but started this morning, “Project Management” and “Advanced Network Administration Best Practices” which I think will be beneficial for me. They will definitely keep me a bit busier.

Dominica came up to Warren and met me for a late lunch at the Thai House. It is funny that we have only been here for a few weeks and all ready people at all of “our” restaurants are beginning to recognize us. They most definitely know us at Tanjore, The Thai House and The Omega Diner and Cafe and I wouldn’t be surprised if the sushi place that I go to isn’t beginning to recognize me.

I got home and was surprisingly hungry (I had skipped breakfast but had a late lunch) so we went out to the Omega. Dominica has been working hard on her database class all day and she had a lot of questions for me so she brought her books and notes along with her to dinner and we spent a long time going over database design principles and I helped her with her homework. She learned a lot tonight and she was excited about all that she was learning and was impatient to get home and fire up her Access 2003 to try out some of the things that she had learned.

We spent the evening working on our respective computers. Nothing exciting happened but we were both productive and got a lot done.

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