June 16, 2006: TGIF

Ah Fridays. It has been a long time since I had Fridays to look forward to. I am beginning to remember what the “weekend” is all about. Of course every weekend is chock full o’ stuff to do but at least it isn’t sitting in the office.

Here is some exciting news: there has been an update on the AGD Interactive website. They haven’t release “Quest for Glory II” but they have at least posted another note talking about it which is, I guess, better than nothing. They went for five months without even posting a blog note to say that they were still alive so most of us just assumed that they had cancelled any work going on on the project. This is one that I have really been waiting for. The first two games that they remade are King’s Quest I and King’s Quest II, both of which I have played and completed several times before they did remakes of them so I didn’t get the full experience of playing them because I all ready knew most of what there was to do in the games. And another studio is doing a remake of King’s Quest III which, as you have guessed, I have also completed. But Quest for Glory II is from the Hero’s Quest/Quest for Glory series of which I have never played a single game so I am really excited to finally get to start playing them. Of course, the game that I want remade the most is King’s Quest IV which is the game that I have played least from the entire series and it is supposed to be a really good one. KQII is basically just a little extension of KQ1 and is really easy and KQIII is by far the worst of the series being just plain weird for the first half of the game making it really hard to get into. But I think that the remake that is being made might be a bit different than the original because everyone knows how bad it was.

I arrived home from work right at 7:00 and only had half an hour before I had to be online and working again. A system administrator’s day is never done. Dominica discovered this morning that a big chunk of work had to be done for her database class final by Sunday and since we are traveling all weekend it really needed to be completed today. So she worked on that most of the day. She even came up to Warren to meet me for lunch so that we could go over some of her assignment at lunch. We tried getting Italian at Fiorino’s in Warren. The food was good and we were able to sit outside. It was surprisingly affordable. Unfortunately things got busy at the office and I had to rush back so we didn’t get much done and didn’t get a chance to spend much time together.

Dominica spent the evening working on her database and watching newly available episodes of Scarecrow and Mrs. King (although I think that she spent a lot more time watching than working.) I have been listening to a new Boy Meets Girl CD that I got. You may not remember Boy Meets Girl but they did the song “Waiting For A Star To Fall” from 1989. I just recently got the CD that they made to follow that one. Really good stuff. I have been a huge fan of Boy Meets Girl and their album “Reel Life” from 1989 is one of my all time favourite albums – every song on it is just amazing.

Over the past few weeks I have discovered that I am becoming lactose intollerant in my old age. I am not quite 100% sure that this is true but I am pretty sure. I am not super intollerant but enough that it is noticable. I figure that the overall lack of dairy consumption over the past several years has contributed to it. I used to drink milk all of the time and eats lots of dairy but over the last few years I have switched to soy milk because I prefer it and because it is healthier and the only dairy that I get on a regular basis is cheese. I get plenty of that but not, I don’t think, in the quantities that I used to.

Since Dominica has been putting in so much time working on Access I decided to take some time and build my very first Access database to see how it would go. I built a small eight table system using Access 2007 Beta. It took me about an hour to do the design and to get it all put into the system. I managed to enter some data and to build my first query using the Access Query Wizard. That was pretty easy but I can see why people get stumped with it. It is pretty important to have a good, fundamental understanding of databases or a lot of that stuff would be pretty confusing. It is handy that Access does a lot of the work for you but there is a lot that requires you to know what is going on underneath or else you will be completely lost. Funny enough I am in good shape with the technical parts of Access – the database design and the query design – but the form and report stuff is really hard for someone like me to get started with. So I haven’t done either of those yet. Maybe I will get to that later in the weekend.

I worked, office work not home work, for about two hours tonight. Min and I were pretty tired and decided to hit the hay a little after midnight. Some light traveling tomorrow as we go to Wildwood. Hopefully we will remember the camera and might actually get some new pictures. I know that everyone is tired of seeing my car off to the left.

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