June 7, 2006

Dominica didn’t go to bed last night and stayed up in the living room watching Grey’s Anatomy that she borrowed from her sister and occassionally working on her A+ material. She finds it very difficult to sleep when she knows that I haven’t had a lot of sleep and that I have to be up for work. She spends so much time worrying about me waking up that she can’t sleep herself.

I had actual project work to do tonight so I kept myself busy on my shift doing that. I also managed to get a Fedora Core 5 server built on the VMWare Server that I had built last night. I am doing virtualization on my desktop now. On Monday, while Dominica was busy building her new desk and her new office chair, I worked on upgrading my desktop to 2.5GB of memory and adding a 250GB hard drive to the all ready existing 80GB hard drive giving me a total of one third terabyte of storage on my desktop. I did this specifically so that I could do some serious virtualization without having any issues using the machine as a high powered workstation. This machine is seriously impressive now.

At 4:30 Dominica finished the first half of the first season of Grey’s Anantomy which is all that she has. She went to bed after that and studied in bed for a while. I was really impressed by how long she was able to stay awake studying. She didn’t fall asleep until after 5:00 in the morning.

Around 5:30 I noticed that it was raining outside so I shut down the air conditioning and opened up all of the windows to get some fresh air into the apartment. It started off as a really light rain but it got heavier and heavier as the morning progressed.

I wrapped up work at 8:30 and went in to get some sleep. Oreo had been out in the living room with me and he came in and slept by the bed at this point. Dominica, Oreo and I slept until 12:30. Not a long night’s sleep but it wasn’t bad. When I woke up the rain had gotten pretty serious. I can’t believe how much it rains here in New Jersey. This is really cool. I don’t think that I have ever lived in a place that rains so much.

In the early afternoon Dominica ran out to Dunkin Donuts to get us some “breakfast”. I need my bagels since I am not going into work this week.

Scientist have developed the allergy free cat. Pretty cool.

I managed to not leave the house all day and we managed to keep the air conditioning off all day for a change. In fact the house got pretty cold with just the bedroom and kitchen windows open. It was a nice change.

Dominica put in a lot of time studying for her A+ and for her classes today. She also did some research on options for classes in the fall and was looking into Master’s classes.

I managed to be pretty productive today. Productive enough to be happy about it. I did a bunch of work on the phone system. I managed to get our VoicePulse account set up and activated and working with the phone system. That was a good feeling. We now have four phone lines coming into the system. I was able to complete both incoming and outgoing calls so I was pretty happy. And the sound quality was good too.

For dinner we tried to order delivery from the Indian place that we love so much but they were having issues with their delivery driver tonight and that was out so we tried ordering from a Mexican place in New Brunswick. It took a bit of work to get the driver to make it to our place but once they finally got here the food was really good. It was a ton of food in fact. The burritos that we got were probably the biggest that I have ever seen. Just huge. And they had a really awesome vegetarian selection. Both Dominica and I got BBQ Tofu Burritos and Cheese Enchiladas.

Everyone back home in the Geneseo area has been anxious to see the latest season of Monarch of the Glen so Dominica and I set to watching it so that we could get it shipped back for everyone. We made it through four episodes before midnight.

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