June 8, 2006

Today begins with work starting at midnight for my fourth overnight of the week. The night started off slow. Dominica and I continued watching Monarch of the Glen Season Four. Dominica has acclimated to the overnight shift and she is able to stay awake through most of it with me. Oreo is starting to get used to it as well although I don’t think that he is very happy about it. He is very confused about the weird sleeping patterns. He has not idea what is going on. He will be far more confused tomorrow when Dominica’s family comes and stays. This place will be crazy with all of those people. Oreo will have no idea what to think.

I went outside at one in the morning to see how the weather was and it was still raining. As far as I can tell it hasn’t stopped at all since over twenty hours ago! That is a lot of water that the ground has to contend with. There must be bad flooding but I haven’t heard anything about it. I haven’t been out of the house so I don’t really know but our yard is definitely under water.

After starting the show yesterday afternoon Dominica and I managed to push our way through the entire fourth season of Monarch of the Glen before the end of my overnight shift. The entire season in one sitting. Personally I don’t feel that season four was up to the level of quality of the earlier seasons. I didn’t find this season to be nearly as engaging and it seemed like the writers were slacking a bit using common show writing cop-outs to pull off some of the episodes. But overall it is still a really awesome show. I am looking forward to season five but it will probably be close to a year before we are able to get that on this side of the pond.

The rain let up sometime mid-morning. Dominica stayed up in the living room with me until 6:00 am! Oreo napped on his pillow beside my chair all morning.

By the time that 8:00 rolled around I was very, very tired. Dominica went to bed and was fast asleep around 6:15. I went right to bed and slept soundly until 2:30! Apparently I have been behind a little on my sleep and needed to do some catching up. It is funny that catching up happens with just six and a half hours of sleep but that is a lot more than I have gotten at any other point this week.

Today sort of ended up being like a day off. Very little going on and I ended up with a migrane that made me not want to do any real work. I did a little bit here and there and got some administrative things taken care of like getting the paperwork finalized on our new datacenter facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am realy excited about that move and am looking forward to that project a lot. It is going to be a ton of work and it is going to be spread out over a bit of time but it is going to be great. I can’t wait to get the old datacenter in Geneseo mothballed. SGL readers should notice a change as well as I will be taking the opportunity to update SGL to the latest and greatest version of WordPress and you will be able to download the site at twice the speed and half the latency which should be very noticable since the site is so large.

Dominica and I tried to order in vegetarian Indian from Tanjore again tonight but the nice people at TakeOutPoint.com had to call us and tell us that they were unable to contact the restaurant and that they couldn’t get the order placed for us. We tried calling ourselves and they didn’t pick up the phone for us either nor did they have an answering machine (an answer phone as they say in the UK.) So we decided to give up on ordering in and just went out to the Omega to get dinner. We both got salmon – hers was grilled and mine was stuffed – and then we drove into Edison to go to a high end pet supply store there in the Edison Plaza to get some much needed supplies for Oreo as he is just one day away from running out of food.

While we were out it started raining again. The sun had actually been out for a few minutes during the day but by the time we had left the Omega it was all ready raining pretty steadily again. This has to be the most rain I have ever seen at a single shot. Once again all of the grass is submerged wherever you go down here.

We got back to the apartment and my headache was getting pretty bad so Dominica convinced me to go to bed and to sleep until my shift started. I didn’t want to sleep the evening away but I wasn’t going to get anything done with my head feeling the way that it was so I decided that that was a good idea. It was almost nine when I layed down and I slept right up until midnight. I was feeling much better when Dominica came in to wake me up. Sometimes I get woken up in the middle of a sleep cycle or else I sleep with the room way too warm or something else and it causes my body to go into a “feeling awful” setting that doesn’t seem to get reset until I sleep again and complete a sleep cycle. It is really weird but it seems to be a really consitent problem. So I got out of bed and began my final shift for the week. Not that I really work in shifts but when I am doing the overnight I have an officially assigned time that I am responsible for. But I am still online with the office for most of the day so it is almost like I never stop working. People just don’t ask me to do very much during the afternoon.

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