SGL Podcast Episode 48: The City Life… We Hope

SGL Podcast Episode 48 – MP3
SGL Podcast Episode 48 – Ogg Vorbis

Special Thanks to Podomatic and OurMedia for helping to host the SGL Podcast.

On tonight’s show, record early on Saturday morning, Scott discusses the reasons to move closer to Manhattan. It isn’t the most exciting show but there is some good music, it isn’t too long and it gets everyone, more or less, caught up with what is going on down in New Jersey. At least at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in yesterday, the site statistics shot up like crazy after the new show was posted. Apparently a lot of people were ready to listen to the new show when it came out. Maybe we can convince Dominica to join us for the upcoming fiftieth episode!

Delphinium Blue – Boy Seventeen
Radney Foster – Half of My Mistakes

(Once again we had to revert to the Podomatic version of the show for the time being as OurMedia has stopped functioning again and we are unable to upload the show to that site. The higher quality version of the should be available soon.)

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