July 11, 2006

I am back to work in the office today and, of course, I ended up sleeping in way too long after having been up way too late last night. So I got a late start on the day.

It was a really slow day at the office today. Now that I am able to do almost any task necessary I get things cleaned up and then there is a void of stuff to do.

Dad sent me an email correcting my description of the work being done out on the farm.

We didn’t put any cement or asphalt into the pool. We pealed the asphalt back, dug a humungous hole, 40′ by 80′ by 10′ and all the cement and asphalt went into that hole. The dirt from the hole, which turned out to be beautiful, is being placed into the pool.

On the way home tonight I accidentally missed my turn onto Mount Bethel and ended up discovering a much faster way from work to Bound Brook! It cuts off several minutes of driving, some of the most congested intersections and reducing the total number of miles that I have to put onto the car. Good deal.

I got home tonight and Dominica and I decided to do something a little different for dinner rather than just going to either the Omega or Tanjore. We decided to drive out to East Brunswick and go to Red Lobster. We don’t go there because we like the fish but because we like the cheesy biscuits that they make. Boy those are good. Going out to eat really kills our entire evening though. I don’t normally get home until after seven and then it is at least thirty more minutes or maybe even an hour before we actually get somewhere to eat. And no restaurant in New Jersey moves with any speed at all. Sometimes it is just a little slow and sometimes it is unbearable. Tonight was actually pretty good but still much slower than a restaurant in Rochester or Buffalo would ever move. Apparently in New York we all have lives to get back to but in New Jersey this is all that there is.

We came right back home after dinner and it was after ten! Talk about getting late fast. We were both pretty tired and decided to go right to sleep. That was a nice theory but it didn’t end up working very well. Oreo wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t stay in bed. Dominica was pretty much out like a light so I went into the living room to be with the dog and make sure that he was okay. I ended up having to spend about two hours with him and then he seemed to be feeling better and was willing to come in and go to bed. Maybe he just had a tummy ache.

While I was up with the dog I took the opportunity to at least work on the server that I had been working on yesterday. I had been hoping to work on this server this evening but had opted for sleep instead. At least now I got it done.

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