July 12, 2003: Q

Today is an exciting day because my Motorola Q finally arrived. It is really cool. It is going to take a while before I can really determine that it is going to meet my needs but for the moment is it awesome.

I took some time this afternoon and got the Q all set up and working. So far it is great. It has no problem getting email or surfing the web. That is really nice. Those are just the basics, though. I need it to do more and that is where the real questions come in. I need to be able to use SSH on it, hopefully through PocketPutty but some other software will suffice. And I need Jabber Instant Messaging which I should be able to get from iMov liked I used previously on my HP iPaq.

I didn’t get to leave work until almost seven tonight. Dominica cooked dinner at home and had it ready minutes after I walked in the door. That was a nice change. Eating out in New Jersey has become such a chore that I am starting to dread it even though I like the places that we go. It is just so much effort and every night turns into a big thing with us just waiting and waiting for our food and then waiting twice that long for the check or another glass of water or something simple. It just takes the enjoyment out of going out.

While she was out today, Dominica picked up the first season of the Eliza Dushku series Tru Calling that we have looked at now and then. We are both big Eliza Dushku fans (although even Eliza can’t get me to watch Buffy) and have been interested in the show for some time. We just watched the first episode tonight but it wasn’t bad. About what we were expecting, I think. Enjoyable but doesn’t knock your socks off. We will see how it is as we continue through the first season.

I continued working on the server that I had brought down with me on Sunday. Last nigth I got just about all of the software installs done that I had needed to have done and tonight I worked on getting its graphical environments all set up and working properly. I got it built with KDE and XFCE which are my two favourite desktop environments. I also got the NX server built and installed and working. NX is awesome for anyone interested in a high powered remote access system. NX competes with technologies from Citrix, VNC, Microsoft, etc.

I wanted to go to bed early tonight because I have been fighting to get enough sleep recently but Dominica was working on her database homework and needed my help so I ended up staying up until almost midnight. I was really tired by the time that I finally got a chance to go to bed.

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