July 18, 2006

I was not looking forward to getting up this morning. It is too hot and I had to be up at 5:30 to get to work on time. I thought that that was going to make my commute nice but no, horrible traffic this morning and it took me forever to get in. And that bad traffic was all in the South Bound Brook area. A sign? Perhaps.

Dominica decided to come up and meet me for a quick fast food lunch so that we could look at the condos at Birch Glen today. She is beginning to learn her way around the area so she feels that she can drive up there on her own. All of this home shopping is fun yet stressful. We want to be ready so that we don’t have to stay in an apartment any longer than necessary but we really want to be able to sell the house in Geneseo first too. It is hard to coordinate. And now we have to deal with selling a car too which adds extra complication although I expect that that will not be all that bad.

I was listening to tons of awful music on the Podsafe Music Network (attempting to filter out the good stuff for the show) and thinking of so much bad music made me remember SnMnMnM, the horrible Rochester band that Andy used to live with around 1998. Apparently they moved to Los Angeles and are now in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I can’t believe that they are still together as a band. They were so awful it was unbelievable. I can’t believe that they have a half decent looking website (these were absolutely not computer literate people and it is surprising that they have heard about the Internet.)

Between yesterday and today I managed to make it through all of the back postings on the Podsafe Music Network for July and now I am working my way back through June. Do you see all of the hard work that I put in to make the SGL Podcast awesome?

It was a little after one o’clock when I finally made it down to Piscataway to meet Dominica to look at the townhomes there at Birch Glen. It is an older development with only a few buildings left to sell which makes it a lot less attractive to us. The prices go up and the selection goes way down as it near the end and the buying is always under pressure and we don’t need to do that now. The place was okay but lacked enough that we are just going to let it go and look elsewhere. It is on the pricey side of things for us. It offers a ton of space but we really don’t need that much space so it is a waste of money for us. We don’t really entertain in our home here and are not very likely to do so for quite some time so it seems like a poor way to be spending our money right now. So back to searching again. We are still excited about the placed in Lebanon that we hope to look at on Thursday.

After looking at the condos we stopped in Middlesex and grabbed a quick bite at McDonald’s there for lunch. I didn’t have much time as Cedar had been closed and I had to drive all over the place to get to the condos. Not what I needed to deal with on my lunch break.

Sometimes it takes a long time to find web sites that are talking about SGL but here is a post from January of 2005 from Record Label No Tie Generation.

SGL is no longer hosting the Llama of the Month like we used to but we did find some places that still are like: Morgenstern Ranch.

I got home and Dominica and I went out to the Omega for some dinner. They have been having Salmon Cakes on special there recently (seafood cakes are a major food item on the mid-Atlantic portion of the Eastern Seaboard) which are really awesome so I have been getting those.

After dinner Dominica spent the evening working on her database design homework. She is really enjoying that class and seems to be learning a lot from it too.

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