July 19, 2006

New Years Announcement: Scott and Dominica are NOT hosting the New Year’s Party this year.

A Carnival cruise ship off of Florida last night, Christened only a month ago by – of all people – Martha Stewart listed severly almost sending a large number of passengers into the sea on a night when the ship was scheduled to be showing Titanic. What! How do things like this happen? I understand cruise ships sinking, but Martha Stewart Christening a ship? That is just crazy. Who lets a felon Christen a cruise ship and who thinks that that qualifies as “good luck”?

After a ton of work, all of the SGL Dailies from 2005 have been moved to the WordPress database system. Or at least I think that all of them have been moved over. Now on to 2004. We are on the home stretch. In fact, a good chunk of 2004 got moved over today as well.

Today was rather uneventful. Tomorrow I plan to “work from home” and Min and I hope to use the opportunity to take the convertible up to Lebanon to take a good look at those condos. We are very hopeful. So far they are the most promising. And they are really well placed for people coming to visit us from Upstate New York because they are only about twenty minutes from Easton, Pennsylvania so it isn’t too long of a drive down from Ithaca (under three hours) or Geneseo (just over four.) That is a really nice feature but to still have the train station right there. A little investigating into the train schedule told us, though, that the train doesn’t run on the weekends out that far so we couldn’t use the onsite depot to go in to the city on a Saturday or Sunday which is really too bad but on the weekends we would have to take a short drive out to the Raritan Train Station about ten minutes away and catch the train from there. But for commuting during the week the train schedule us just fine.

Speaking of trains, I have a ticket for Amtrak’s 4:17 pm Empire Service train from Rochester to Penn Station in Manhattan. Dominica is planning to drop me off at the station on Sunday afternoon so that I can return to New Jersey from back home without needing to take an extra car. It is a long train ride but the trains are comfortable and I plan to have my laptop and a few DVDs of Magnum P.I. and a few other things that I want to get caught up on. And I can work on a lot of different projects on the train. And I will have my GPS so I can watch the map scroll by – I am easily entertained.

On my way home tonight I attempted to take some backroads to make the drive go faster according to a guy that I work with who lives very close to me in South Brunswick. Unfortunately at one point in Somerset I would have gotten stuck in a big line of stopped traffic so I started trying to work my own way through the backroads in the middle of nowhere and managed to get myself completely lost. I had to call Dominica and have her figure out where I was and get me back to the labeled roads. Oops. So that didn’t end up being faster.

I got home and was really hungry so we went out to Tanjore for dinner. They were really busy tonight and understaffed. But the food was awesome as always. We are really going to miss not living right down the street from them. There is very little in restaurant options in Lebanon or shopping options. It is very rural and we will have to do without a lot of conveniences. But, most likely, it would force us to live less expensively and healthier.

After dinner we came home and Dominica spent the evening playing her new video game Keepsake from The Adventure Game Company. She bought it yesterday while she was out shopping. She also bought new glasses and prescription sunglasses yesterday so that she could have sunglasses to wear while driving the convertible. She is completely addicted to her new game and has been playing it a ton the last two days.

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