July 20, 2006: House Hunting in Lebanon

Today is my “work from home” day for the week. I love my work from home days because they give me a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep since I don’t have that long commute that I can just sleep through. Oreo really appreciates it too. I could tell that he was happy this morning when I didn’t get up and just hung out in bed.

I worked until almost noon when Dominica and I drove the 330 out to Lebanon, New Jersey to take a look at the Heights of Lebanon townhomes that we had driven out to see on Monday evening. We spent a good hour or more looking at the site plans and walking through the partially finished homes. We were pretty impressed and are leaning towards getting one of these homes. They are less expensive than anything else that we have been looking at and we are really happy with the area.

After looking at the townhomes we drove downtown to see what the village was like. We ate lunch at the Fox and Hound Tavern at the Lebanon Inn. The food was really good and we would like living right down the street from there. We then walked down to the local General Store / Luncheonette to get ice cream and see what that place was like. They serve a really inexpensive breakfast all day long which is a great selling point to anything nearby.

After lunch we returned to North Brunswick. Going both directions we tried out the new shortcut that I had learned about the other day and managed to shave several minutes off of each direction.

Dominica went over to the laundromat this evening and did several loads of laundry. She had been intending to have done laundry over the weekend in Geneseo but then realized that with me returning on the train and her coming back in the BMW that we would not have enough space to bring the clothes back down to New Jersey. So she had to do the laundry in a panic today.

While she was out I watched The Girl Next Door which I thought was okay. Dominica liked it a bit more than I had but it wasn’t bad.

We actually managed to get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a long, busy day. Dominica has to get up at 5:10 in the morning so that she can drive out to Scranton and meet her family as they drive down to the beach on Topsail Island in North Carolina. She is meeting them to pick up Dexter so that he can spend the week with her in Geneseo playing with Oreo instead of going down to the beach. He hates traveling in the car. So he will have fun with Oreo for a week. They are buddies. Dominica is spending the whole week in Geneseo getting the house ready to sell. I am moving the Vonage phone back up there for the week so anyone who needs her should be able to reach her on the Geneseo line.

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