July 27, 2006

It is a hot one today. Poor dad, his heat pump (which includes his air conditioner) gave up the ghost yesterday or the day before and he is living in a very warm house right now. He ordered his new one today but it will be at least a couple of days before he has any air conditioning again.

I worked from home until 11:45 this morning. That gave me a chance to sleep in a little. It is a nice day to be home – it is too hot to go outside. Not that far shy of one hundred degrees.

For people who are familiar with the band Fall Out Boy you probably wonder, as I do, what a “loaded God complex” is. According to Quizilla it is “kind of a cross between a rabbit and a dog. but alittle bit less fierce and a little bit more hoppy.” Um, okay. I don’t think that that cleared things up for me in the least. Now I don’t understand the phrase OR the song. Emo sucks. 😉

I got to work at half past noon intending to go right to lunch but everyone was so disorganized that we didn’t even leave the office until an hour later. We went out to the sushi place and had a nice lunch. It ended up being just three of us.

I came home and got some pizza. I watched some Magnum P.I. including the episode “A Sense of Debt” in which I recognized a very young Shannon Dougherty from the previews along with Donald Gibbs from Bloodsport and Revenge of the Nerds. He was awesome in Bloodsport.

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