July 28, 2006

I went to bed at a very reasonable time last night, about 11:00. I was very proud of myself being an adult and getting to bed at a good time even though I didn’t have to be up all that early this morning. But then I got an email just before I fell asleep needing me to do some work for the office. That took only about fifteen minutes itself but was still a disruption to my slumber. But then I discovered that the telephone wasn’t working which meant that there was a problem in Geneseo. So I ended up being up until after midnight diagnosing that problem and getting it fixed. Luckily Dominica was in Geneseo and awake and was able to restart the downed router for me. So much for getting to bed early.

I woke up quite early this morning but decided to just stay in bed for a while. I wasn’t exactly tired but my body felt like it needed to nap. I am working late tonight doing a disaster recovery test so I am planning on going in a little later than usual.

Last year the Seattle monorail had a minor collision and ABC News reported on it calling the monorail a “mile high elevated line”. A mile high? A passenger who was in the accident said that the scariest part of the entire thing was going down the ladder. Well of course it was scary! A mile long ladder! I would be terrified and I am not even afraid of heights. It must have taken an hour to go down. People must get faint from the lack of oxygen.

At lunch today a bunch of us were planning to go out for Italian to celebrate one of my coworkers final Friday with the firm but once we were on our way someone mentioned (maybe it was me) going to Moghul in Morristown and everyone got excited so we went out there. It was only my second time going out there but the food was really amazing again. Eight of us went out there. It is a lot of fun. We all ate too much and had a hard time returning to work.

My “new” HP DL 360 G2 arrived today and was dropped off for me at the office. So I am bringing that home with me this weekend to work on. I am interested to see how it varies from the G1’s that I have been working on recently. I like the look of the G2’s a lot better. They share the colouring and styling of the current HP servers.

I managed to get into contact with Phil Kriebel today who is now living in the Bronx and we are planning on getting together tomorrow afternoon to hang out. I haven’t seen him in a couple of years since we were both working in DC. I have never been to the Bronx either. Technically I drove through it once years ago but it was night and all I did was zip through on the expressway so it wasn’t the same. So I am interested to see what it is like up there.

After work I had to hang around late for a disaster recovery test for one of my clients. That kept me a bit later than I had wanted to be. With one of my coworkers leaving the group that he is in and I (I sit with them instead of with my group by the fate of real estate) are going out to Chutney Manor on Route 1 tonight.

While I was stuck at the office tonight I managed to get reservations made for Bob and Lisa’s wedding in September. Dominica and I are staying at the Statler in Ithaca which is really handy since the reception is in the hotel. Dominica and I haven’t stayed at the Statler in several years and we are looking forward to returning. We are going to be there for two nights so we are hoping to be able to get dinner there on Friday night as well. That will be really handy. We used to go eat there every so often.

There were about ten of us that went out to Chutney Manor in Princeton for drinks and dinner. We had a really good time and hung out for several hours.

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