July 3, 2006: One Short Day at Work

When I finally pulled myself out of bed at eight this morning I was still very soar from the weekend but I needed to get up and get to work. It took me a while to get myself out of the house and I didn’t get into the office until just after ten! But it is a slow day today being a day with almost everyone on vacation and coming off of weekend with tomorrow being a holiday. My first awesome surprise of the day was that today is a short day for the stock exchange and that the market closes at one o’clock this afternoon so most everyone will be going home early. I wish someone told me these things ahead of time but at least it makes for a really nice surprise. A short day today and nothing tomorrow. That is awesome.

I did some catching up on HP classes today. It was a very slow day with the market only being open for half of a day – much less chance for things to go wrong. I love days like this. Days when you are sure you don’t want to go to work and then you get there and everything goes great and you can leave early. I managed to complete my Network Attached Storage and Advanced Network Administration Best Practices classes today.

Dominica was super tired and ended up sleeping in to the afternoon today! I am sure that Oreo appreciated that after his busy day yesterday. He was equally exhausted.

I was able to leave the office at three in the afternoon. That was great. Of all days today was a day when I really needed the opportunity to get home and get some rest.

As soon as I got home I grabbed Dominica and we ran down to Princeton to do some BMW shopping. They had three 330ci convertibles available for us to look at. One in silver, one in a weird mint green and one in a medium dark blue. We bought the dark blue one. Yup, you heard me right. We test drove and then purchased a 2004 330ci Sport Convertible. It is awesome. Only 16,000 miles. We aren’t sure when we will be picking it up yet but we are excited. Check out a silver BMW 330ci to see what it looks like.

When we went to test drive the car the saleman discovered that one of the guys who works at the dealer had been driving the car and had dropped it off at the lot, leaving his personal satellite radio in the car, with absolutely no gas left in it on a day when they knew four whole days in advance that we were going to be coming in to test drive that particular car that day. He was not happy. We took the car around the block and let Dominica drive so that she could get a feel for the car. Then we switched so that I could drive it the last little bit back to the dealer since I had only driven the 325 and not the 330. I went less than an exit before the gas was out of gas – on an uphill ramp to an overpass with no room to pull over. Oops. The guy had left less gas in the car than it would have taken to get to the very closest gas station. We had only gone maybe two miles at the most! The fumes in the tank should have gotten us farther than that. Luckily we had switched drivers because neither Dominica nor our salesman had ever driven a car that was out of gas before! (Those who know me know that I am used to the challenge.) I was able to take the car between neutral and drive and keep the engine turning over and getting power now and then just enough to get the car across the highway overpass and moving down the ramp to get onto US 1 to get us back to the dealership. It was tough merging with no acceleration and doing only twenty or less miles per hour but I did it. I would have driven on the shoulder but some construction equipment was parked there and took up the entire space. They eventually moved and I was able to get out of the way of traffic and just barely get us back to the dealer.

After buying the car we went to the restaurant Big Fish in Princeton for a celebratory dinner. The food was really good. We were both in the mood for fish so it worked out really well.

After dinner I was just exhausted. We came home and just crashed. Min finished watching Red Dwarf and then wrapped up Elizabethtown that we had started a few days ago.

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