July 4, 2006: Happy 230th Birthday America

Actually July 4, 1776 is a poor day to choose as the birthday of America. Sure it is the day when we decided that we wanted to be a country separate from the United Kingdom but it was simply a day in the middle of the war when a bunch of people got together and signed a declaration of the intent to separate. The war had been underway for years and the decision to separate had been made some time before but they hadn’t written it down and made it official yet and most colonists wouldn’t find out for weeks that the decision had been made or that the declaration had been signed and the king definitely didn’t find out for a long time and he is the one that the paper was sent to.

Today was super sleep-in day. All three of us really needed to do some catching up from the weekend. It was afternoon when Dominica finally got out of bed. We went right out to the Omega and got some lunch. We were really hungry by that point. We also ran out to Best Buy while we were out and did some DVD shopping. We were thinking of just getting a movie or two but ended up getting quite a haul. They had a really big sale on and we got some really good values: Transporter 2, Sense and Sensibility, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Edward Scissorhands, Scooby-Doo, To Catch A Thief, Donnie Darko, Snatch, The Girl Next Door, Office Space, Calamity Jane, The Pajama Game, Young Man with a Horn, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, Lullaby of Broadway, Love Me or Leave Me, Jumbo and The Glass Bottom Boat. That will augment the collection just a little bit.

We got home and watched Hitch with Wil Smith. Overall it was a good movie – interesting and different. It did have a leading romantic interest that I felt was a mean person and didn’t want to have in the movie and that distracted a bit and didn’t make for the overwhelmingly happy ending that I would have hoped for but it wasn’t bad. We decided just to hang out at home today and relax. Oreo doesn’t get to see me all that much so that sounded good. After Hitch we watched Transporter 2 which, like Art had said, was not nearly as good as the first one but it was entertaining. The story was very cliche and full of hokie plot devices. Movie mania continued with Scooby Doo which was really ridiculous but okay for a kids’ movie. It is better than the original series but that doesn’t say a lot. The movie has, if you can believe it, even more drug references than the cartoon! Personally I don’t think that the series is really child friendly. Dominica has never seen Office Space so we wrapped up the evening watching that. I have never been a huge fan of Office Space but it is a classic and she definitely needed to see it.

While we watched the movies I put in some time getting the movie database up to date and, as far as I know, everything is in there now. That makes it much easier to look stuff up.

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