July 30, 2006

Today is my one day off for the weekend. I am spending the day just relaxing around the apartment. In fact, I don’t intend to leave the apartment at all, all day.

My first job for the day was to test the latest server, the HP DL360 G2 that arrived on Friday. I got that hooked up and tested it to make sure that it would work. Checked out just fine. I also unloaded some of the older computers that have been swimming around in the trunk of my car. I need to get them ready to go to Castile in the fall.

For lunch I just ordered Papa John’s again. I just didn’t feel like going anywhere and that sounded the best of my delivery options.

I did have to do a little work for the office today. Nothing much, just an hour. Since I am home alone it is actually nice to have some paying work to do instead of just doing work for myself.

I watched a lot of the fourth season of Magnum P.I. today. I didn’t finish the series but I did put a significant dent in it. I also started work on a new, small software project making a simple asset tracking system. I enjoy getting to do some programming from time to time. Programming has a certain sense of satisfaction that you don’t really get from other endeavours.

I put in some serious time working on the email server today. Anyone who noticed that the email and instant messaging were up and down all day can rest assurred that I was actively working on the box and the outages were not sporatic. I did some regular maintenance and a full system backup during the afternoon but after the backup which wrapped up around midnight the server did not come back online. I ended up getting stuck working on the server until around two in the morning but after that it was back up and running. Just what I wanted to do on a Sunday night.

Dominica is supposed to be coming down to New Jersey tomorrow. She is going to get the car inspected for the insurance company in the morning and then drive out to Syracuse to meet her parents and drop off Dexter and then she and Oreo will come down to New Jersey.

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