July 31, 2006

I slept in more than I meant to this morning but it was almost three when I finally managed to get to bed last night so I needed to stay in bed for a while to get enough sleep. I did some really quick cleaning this morning just in case Dominica managed to get home before me tonight – I don’t want her to think that I am a slob.

Today is my cubicle neighbour’s last day at the office. He stayed for a Monday because it is the last day of the month so he managed to round out the month while still being here. He starts at his new position tomorrow so he is not getting even a single day off.

For lunch today four of us from work went out to the Thai House. This was the first restaurant that I had gone to with my cubicle neighbour when I first started working in Warren so it was fitting to be the last place that we went for lunch as well.

Dominica managed to leave early this afternoon from Geneseo. She had to deal with the car’s insurance inspection this morning and then she had to do the final cleaning of the house before she could leave. Every time we go back to Geneseo to do some work on the house we have to do a major, last minute cleaning before we can leave it for a while. That is a real pain that we have to do so many complete overhauls. But we have to be getting close to the end out there. There can only be so much more for us to pack up and haul out. The upstairs has to be very, very close to being finished with the exception of the furniture that is mostly still there. All of the furniture that we are keeping is still there. Now the basement is a different story. All of the equipment is still located there because that has to get moved directly to Scranton and not to dad’s place and the theatre is being left in place until the very last second although I am beginning to consider tearing that down just so there is not so much to move at the last minute.

I think that Dominica and I are going to be going back home next weekend as well. I have a TMobile project in Syracuse that needs my immediate attention and I can’t really push it off for another week and if I did it would just end up conflicting with Bob Winan’s bachelour party in Syracuse (although it would be awfully handy to have two separate engagements in Syracuse on the same weekend.) Our summers are just way too busy! We say this every year and no matter how much we do to not schedule anything during the summer somehow every minute is just packed with stuff to do, people to see and places to be.

Our new Pfaltzgraff plates and dinner settings arrived today. I have a Midnight Sun collection that I bought when Josh and I first got our townhouse in Greece, New York but it was only a setting for four and one of the bowl was chipped and one of the plates went missing at some point. So Dominica ordered replacement pieces and, I think, settings for a lot more people. I am not sure exactly what she did get but it will be nice to have more of the same settings like normal people.

Dominica was running too late to be able to get dinner with me tonight so I went straight over to Tanjore on my way home and grabbed dinner. I had been hoping that Dominica would be able to meet me there and had gotten excited since I hadn’t had Tanjore in over a week but that didn’t work out so I ate alone.

I was home for about an hour before Dominica and Oreo arrived so I had a chance to do some cleaning before they got there. The place gets pretty messy when I am home alone – mostly from mail, magazines and packing material.

The evening was pretty slow. Dominica and Oreo ate and I did some light work on the computer. Dominica got a call about her car today from someone wanting a test drive. She called me and said that she thought that it was a friend of mine but she wasn’t positive that it was him. So I IM’d him tonight and found out that it really was him that drove that car today. The funniest part is that the car is being sold in Leicester and I work in Warren and the car was test driven by the only person that I know that used to work in the same facility that I work in. What are the chances? We laughed a lot about that.

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