SGL Podcast Episode 49: New Car and House Hunting

SGL Podcast Episode 49 – MP3
SGL Podcast Episode 49 – Ogg Vorbis

The New Jersey lifestyle is starting to kick in and Scott and Dominica have a new car and have been out looking for a place to call home here in the Garden State. We are almost up to episode fifty and looking forward to making the semi-centenial show. A pretty big milestone for an occassional podcast.

The weather is hot and so is the music. In this episode you can listen to:

Beat Assassins – Goin Crazy
Amy Courts – Company
Katy Pfaffl – Beautiful

As always the Sheep Guarding Llama Podcast is dual posted on and Often podOmatic is posted first but the SGL main site has the higher quality edition as well as the awesome Ogg Vorbis version. If you use Windows just download Zinf to listen to the Ogg Vorbis version.

We had to keep the episode short tonight because it is almost one hundred degrees out and we have to shut down the air conditioning to be able to make show. It is so hot that even the a/c isn’t keeping us cool so we are running fans around the house as well so it is really warm trying to do the show today.

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