August 28, 2006

I worked from midnight to two in the morning today before going to bed. I was up fairly early this morning and had to keep working on the same project. I ended up being so busy that I wasn’t able to go into the office until early afternoon. That gave Dominica and I an opportunity to get lunch together at the Omega Diner.

Work was fairly busy this afternoon but nothing like this morning. Most work seems to be done in the morning. By afternoon I think everyone is sluggish from lunch and just lets things go until the next morning.

Dominica did some apartment hunting today (in order to avoid doing her homework) and found a really promising apartment in Edgewater, New Jersey that she really wanted to go look at. I got out of work a little after seven and drove down to the apartment in North Brunswick to pick up Dominica. Oreo was not happy with that arrangement after not having seen me all day. Dominica had managed to have made contact with the renter and they thought that we could probably go see the place tonight. So we drove on up to the Hudson River Waterfront and found our way up to Edgewater.

It was after nine when we managed to see the place. Dominica really likes it. It is a penthouse floor twelve hundred square foot apartment, very well appointed with a balcony view of the midtown skyline (that’s Manhattan’s midtown.) It is directly on the Hudson and has its own private riverwalk. The really big deal about the place is two included garage spaces! But it is expensive and far to the north for us so commuting to Warren will be tough but commuting to Manhattan would be very, very easy.

We grabbed a late dinner at the Omega and then went home. I had to do a little work before going to bed so it was after one in the morning before I finally got the change to turn in. I was very tired by the time I was finally lying down to go to bed.

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