August 27, 2006

We slept in this morning after having stayed up watching movies until very late last night. Oreo and Dexter are so snuggly – each competing to be the snuggliest – that it is hard to get out of bed. I stayed in bed awake for hours. Dominica didn’t wake up until almost noon.

We got ready to leave casually and drove out to Herkimer and had a late lunch with Dominica’s parents at Denny’s before we hit the road. It was 4:05 when we pulled out of Herkimer and we were confident that we would be able to be home before 9:00. Boy were we in for a surprise.

Traffic moved okay until we reached Albany. From the US90 to US87 interchange all the way to the US287 bypass at the New Jersey border we were stuck in crawling traffic. That was roughly 120 miles of backup. And after finally making it all that way it turned out that the traffic jam was caused by the toll boothes!

The instant we were onto US287 we were able to travel quickly again. We drove down to Warren and picked up my car from the office and then headed for hom.

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