August 13, 2006: Runny Nose in Geneseo

I woke up this morning with the runniest nose that I have ever had in my life. It was awful and it lasted all day. It woke me up long before I should have been getting up. I was awake by 7:45 which was brutal after the long day yesterday and getting to bed after 4:00 this morning. My sinuses were going nuts so I took a shower right away hoping that that might help. It didn’t.

Dominica got up an hour or so later and then dad came over to get breakfast with us at 10:15. We were able to just relax and hang out at breakfast for about two hours. We were, of course, at the Omega Grill.

After breakfast, which was almost lunch, Dominica and I had to head up to Pittsford (on the east side of Rochester) to do some work for TMobile. We are still wrapping up a project that was started in December and this one location is lingering on. It took a few hours but not nearly as long as it might have and we were happy, overall, with how it went today.

We drove down to dad’s house to pick up Oreo and to see the changes on the farm since we have been gone. Dad and Oreo were in the back yard playing frisbee when we pulled in. Oreo just loves getting to go out to the farm. He can just run and run forever. He has such a good time and gets really worn out.

The farm has really changed since the last time I was home. The pool is gone, the whole pool “deck” area is gone, the basketball court if gone, the parking lot is gone, the foundation of the cabana is gone. There isn’t any grass growing in yet so you can still see these different areas almost as if there were still there but you can start to picture the place as nothing but a single, uninterrupted sea of grass.

We all drove over to Denny’s in Geneseo and got some dinner. We were all quite hungry. We ate and then it was time to return to New Jersey. My allergies or cold or whatever it was was acting up all day and I needed to have Dominica drive the first length of the journey for me. She drove until around Corning and then I drove until a little east of Phillipsburg, NJ when she took back over and finished off the drive. By the end I was so tired that I couldn’t stay awake at all.

It was pretty late by the time we rolled into North Brunswick. I was so tired that I can’t really remember getting in very well but it was between 2:30 and 3:00 in the morning. We unpacked the car and Dominica did some work in the kitchen getting things put away. I went right to bed and Oreo came and snuggled. I didn’t even get the light turned off or anything. I was out in no time.

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