August 14, 2006

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I was up at 9:08 this morning. A little late for going into the office but any less sleep and I would have been useless all day. My sinuses are still killing me so it isn’t very likely that this is an allergic reaction. I got ready quickly and got up to the office.

It was really hard to work today. My sinuses are better than yesterday but not good. It is really hard to get much of anything done when you are congested and have a headache and are occassionally crying (my eyes will be dry all day and then suddenly tear out of control.)

While I was at lunch I discovered that my lips were in really bad shape and were starting to peel. It is mild frostbite from Saturday night’s run in with the ice cream. This is going to suck.

Dominica found Ok Go on the Treadmills on YouTube today. This is one of the funniest dance videos that I have ever seen. Everyone will enjoy this little treasure. Ok Go is a British band that I don’t really know but boy are they ever funny. Here is what is apparently their more famous dance routine that they have done a number of places. And if you think that is weird then you can watch the same routine done by two girls with way too much time on their hands.

I came home a little early because I was pretty useless in the office with my horrible cold. I ate leftovers and Dominica made herself a South Beach diet casserole. We watched two episodes of Ballykissangel and decided to call it a night at 9:30. We both have colds now and figured that it would be smart to get some extra sleep in the hopes of fighting them back.

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