August 15, 2006

I slept for over ten hours last night. Boy was that a lot of sleep but I feel much better today. I had been getting really tired over the past few days and I think that being run down like that had a lot to do with me catching that cold. I needed to get some serious sleep in in order to beat it back. Unfortunately Dominica has the cold now and is on her second day of it.

I got to work today having forgotten that I have an HP hardware class for the majority of the day. That is a nice change of pace. I was only in the office for about an hour before it started. Thank goodness for Microsoft Exchange calendaring event reminders. Overall I think that the class was a waste of time, though. I did get free pizza out of it and that is always nice but mostly the covered technologies that I don’t really work with nor am I planning on working with. My class ran until 3:00 so that killed a lot of the day.

Dominica decided that she did not feel like cooking tonight and we killed off all of our leftovers yesterday so she wanted to try Chilli’s which she has never been to before. I have not been to a Chilli’s in years. I never found them to be exciting enough to go back to. There are a few of them in Rochester, notably one up in Greece near Westgate Plaza that I went to a few times a number of years ago but it was never anything special. But we will see now that I am a vegetarian maybe I will be more impressed with their lineup.

My frostbite appears to be a little worse today. It isn’t like black or anything scary so I am not really worried about it but it would be nice if it started healing. I guess that it often takes one to two weeks for it to really start healing though. I have first degree or superficial frostbite which isn’t all that bad.

Dell had a bad day today. First it got caught doing a bait and switch with Chinese customers advertising to them laptops with Intel’s awesome new VT technology (the ultimate – except for AMD’s version – x86 virtualization hardware extension which is really important for people who want to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same machine) but shipping units with the feature removed. The Chinese people feel that Dell is trying to cheat them just because they are Chinese and not Americans and I can’t say that I wouldn’t agree with them. So Dell is now facing a class action discrimination suit in China which has been approved by the courts. Then, secondly, today Dell has announced that they are recalling 4.1 million laptop batteries! That is a lot of batteries to replace. Dell wasn’t going to do the recall even after they knew about the problem but a couple of recent fires have left them in a position of liability that they can’t try to deny anymore so they have to do the right thing now that they are backed into the corner. No wonder their market is slipping. Of course, the batteries that are defective are from Sony so are you really surprised?

I was thinking that I might make it away from the office on the early side tonight but just as I was starting to think about it I got caught in a big support issue in Texas and got stuck for quite some time. I should have known better. I am thinking that I will probably work from home tomorrow. Not sure yet but that sounds like a good idea. That will give me a little more opportunity to rest and maybe a little time to get caught up on some of this backlogged work from today. But maybe I will take off my regular Thursday. I think I will decide in the morning.

I ended up getting stuck at work until quite a bit after seven! Much later than I had anticipated being in the office.

It was late by the time that I got home and I didn’t feel like doing any additional work so Dominica and I went out to Chili’s down near the Barnes and Nobles not too far from the house. The food was okay but nothing special. I could handle going back but not very often. There was only one menu item that Dominica was interested in there and there was only one that interested me so if we go there again we both have to be in the mood for those particular items or we will be out of luck.

Dinner killed most of what was left of the evening. After that we came home and watched a few episodes of Ballykissangel before going to bed.

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