August 23, 2006

Boy did Dominica ever get a lot of sleep last night. When I went to bed at midnight she had been in bed for four or five hours all ready. I got up this morning at 6:30 and she didn’t get up until I was headed out the door after 8:00! She might have gotten thirteen hours of sleep.

Today I took a poll of Linux desktop users and was delighted to see that openSUSE has, according to this small poll at this current time, passed Fedora in use as a Linux desktop and that SLES has passed Red Hat in use on the desktop. That is awesome. Red Hat must be leading significantly in the server arena but it is very encouraging to see my long time faith in SUSE on the desktop paying off. Ubuntu is still the desktop darling and is leading the poll by quite some margin but SUSE and Red Hat products are important pieces of the desktop puzzle as well. Additionally, KDE and GNOME are neck and neck with no clear winner.

Today’s big project for Dominica is apartment hunting. Now that we no longer have a house that we are planning on moving into we have to figure out where we are going to be living in just a few more weeks. We are hoping to be able to find something up towards Jersey City or something on that peninsula. Jersey City would be perfect for us since it has such easy access to lower Manhattan while still being right on Rt. 78 making it easy for me to get into and out of work on a daily basis.

I was out of work at a decent time today. I got home and we just had some leftovers for dinner. I did some light work this evening while Dominica worked on her database design homework. She is starting to not enjoy that class so much as the focus moves more and more away from actual database topics and more and more to just dealing with the poor interface of Microsoft Access 2003. And, of course, her professor is not able to see her database the same as Dominica sees it here so heaven only knows what is wrong with it. Most likely her professor doesn’t know enough about Access, have the current version or have it patched but you never know. It really points out why Access is a bad product. In the time that it has taken Dominica to get her database built she could have sat down and learned all of the components necessary to building a truly useful web application using more robust database and development tools that were free and then been able to have shared her database driven application with as many people as wanted to use it. With Access the very first person that she shared it with the system failed and the whole thing was a complete waste.

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