August 24, 2006

Today is my work from home day this week. The weather was cooler last night and so we opened the windows and am getting fresh air for one of the first times in a long time. We really hate the air conditioning system here so we are much happier when we get a chance to turn it off. I think that it is actually less humid in the house without the air conditioning running. We do have window fans running. That helps some. During the day it is still pretty warm but it was a little overcast so it didn’t get too hot in the house.

I had a fairly busy day “at work” and Dominica had a lot of homework to work on. She is in her home stretch coming up to the end of the semester. Funny that everyone else is getting ready to start school next week and she is just wrapping up. She has another class starting in two weeks, I believe. Right now she is just taking her Introduction to Programming with Java ni the fall but she might, depending on our schedule, take either Database Systems II or Systems Analysis and Design. We will see. I have been pushing to get my degree wrapped up but that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. What a pain that is.

No word yet today on the job that Dominica interviewed for on Monday. We are very hopeful that that is still moving along well. And, in reality, if she had heard about the job this week it would have meant either bad new or that she had to start on Monday which was faster than we were ready for so it is probably best that we have not heard anything yet.

For lunch we ordered in Chinese from one of the places that has been hanging their menus on our doorknob. I let Dominica order lunch and she ended up ordering two or three meals worth of food. The food was pretty good but boy was there a lot of it.

I did manage to put in a tiny bit more time on the York Class of ’94 web site today: York94. There isn’t much content yet on the site but I am really happy with the layout and clean theme. I think that people will like it and find it easy to use.

We haven’t had any chance to look at apartments or to even see the Jersey City area so we decided that we would go up there this evening to get a feel for what the area was like. We have looked at tons of apartments and condos online but we have never actually been there (I have been near there in Newark or Weehawken but not in Jersey City, Bayonne or Hoboken themselves to really know what the area is like.)

We left to go look at apartment “areas” as soon as I was done with work which ended up being later than I had anticipated – close to seven o’clock. We drove up to Bayonne, Jersey City and Hoboken and drove around quite a bit in the BMW with Oreo hanging out in the back. He had a good time. We discovered quickly that we do not want to live down in Bayonne. It is okay but too expensive for what it is which is way too similar to North Brunswick. No wonder we were able to find decently priced places there! So JC and Hoboken are the only areas that we are really looking at now. There is some really awesome stuff there. We are very hopeful that that is where we will get to live. We both seem to think that Jersey City is the right balance for us.

On the way back we stopped at the Omega Diner for dinner as we hadn’t had a chance to get any yet. It was way too late by the time that we got back. I didn’t manage to get to bed until after eleven and I have to be in the office by six thirty tomorrow morning! Ugh.

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