August 30, 2006

Boy is this summer just flying by. We have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to slow down and relax since June. This week is no except. I wasn’t able to leave the office last night until after seven. Ugh.

Good news for hard core classic Sierra graphical adventure fans – Infamous Adventures has finally completed their remake of King’s Quest III and you can download a copy, for free, from their website. The first two KQ games were recently remade by the Anonymous Game Developers so now the entire original trilogy has been completely remade. I am very anxious to get a copy of KQ III and see how it looks and plays with this new treatment. KQ III was my least favourite of Sierra’s original games but I have high hopes for the remake. I am extremely hopeful now that someone will take the time to do a complete remake of KQ IV which is a much bigger undertaking than any of these three that have happened so far. KQ IV is so large that it might be as much work to remake it as to have remade the entire first three games.

I have played and completed all three of the original trilogy and own all eight games of the entire series from Sierra but have never spent more than five minutes playing KQ IV and really want to play a remade version. The remakes have been totally rocking all over the originals with massively updated graphics, sound, narration and, in some cases, game play.

I was up at half past seven this morning. A whole five hours of sleep where I had to keep my legs on the floor all night because Oreo decided not to let me have any room on the actual bed. He really must be the world’s most spoiled dog.

I worked from home for a little bit this morning before finding out that there is no way for me to work from home for the rest of the week so I decided that I should just stay home and work here all day today.

Dominica and I went to the Omega for lunch. It is quick and simple although I don’t like their menu as much as the Omega (no relation) in Geneseo and I am getting quite tired of it.

I finished reading Beck and Fowler’s “Planning eXtreme Programming” today. That is the third book that I have managed to finish so far this week. I am on a roll. I am trying to get as many non-reference books completed before Friday so that we can take some of them back to New York. Anything we can get away with not keeping down here the better.

Dominica spent almost the entire day pounding on her Access database project for school She is hoping to finish it today so that she can spend the rest of the week focusing on her pointless networking class. Both of her classes end this weekend but with the wedding they might as well be ending tomorrow for her.

I got a chance to do some more work on the asset tracking system that I had started a few weeks ago and I also got some serious reading in. I finally finished “The ClueTrain Manifesto: The End of Business As Usual” which, for those who don’t know it, is considered to be one of the most fundamentally important business/IT books of our time. I have been putting off reading it but I finally forced myself through it this evening.

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