August 31, 2006: Uncle Bill Passes

How do you throw away a garbage can?

The dog days of August have come to a close and it is time to move on to the Racoon Evenings of September. I am back, more or less, to my regular schedule at the office.

I will understand that no matter the child, the punishment will fit the crime. No student will be left behind.

When the cavemen were around they probably didn’t stress good hygine, but they did likely emphasize beauty. Cavemen and women used bones from animals as hair rollers or ornaments and used animal fat for gel in their hair.

It is just one of those days.

Today was an absolutely crazy day at work. I was going nuts all day. I managed to get away for a little bit to get some Afghan for lunch. Yummy. I didn’t have to work nearly as late as I was concerned that I would but I didn’t manage to leave until about seven.

Dominica had a second interview with the company that she met with last week. She is very positive about it and hopes to have a really solid answer by tomorrow. Having an interview today was tough, though, because today is Dominica last opportunity to finish up her work for her college classes. She had banked on being able to work on them all day today but instead was woken up by the headhunter trying to get her into the interview as quickly as possible as she had not been told that she was getting a second interview until he called this morning. And then a second job wanted her to do some resume work and get that into them today as well. Instead of having the entire day to work on her final projects she ended up not even getting a chance to start until around five! That is pretty late for an all day homework fest.

I came home and picked Min and Oreo up and we went to Tanjore for dinner. We haven’t been there since dad was here. I think that it might be the longest stretch that we have gone through without eating there since we first discovered it several months ago. We came in and they presented us with my favourite dessert, on the house, just because they love us. It was delicious. You know that you eat at a place a lot and are good customers when they regularly give us free food and specials and stuff. Our waitress even knows what my favourite food there is and exactly how I like it prepared (Rava Dosai with cheese, roasted cashews and potato masala!)

Dad called during dinner. His uncle, my great uncle Bill, passed away this evening. Uncle Bill was my dad’s mother’s last full sibling. His twin sister died several years ago. Uncle Bill has been very sick the last few years. We were very glad that Dominica had the opportunity to meet him before he wasn’t able to spend time with us anymore when we were last in Ohio. He fell a week or two ago and broke his hip and had to have some pretty serious surgery. We really knew that the end was close after that. Uncle Bill and I were pretty close. When I was attending school in Michigan in 1994 or 1995 I went down to Cleveland to spend the weekend with Uncle Bill.

After dinner I spent the evening doing some light reading on Subversion (the software program) I helped Dominica wrap up her homework that she has to complete tonight. She still had a lot of it to do and a lot of it is pretty ambiguous. She had enough left to do that it ate up the whole night and kept us up very late.

Tomorrow we are traveling to Ithaca. Dominica is leaving in the morning and I am leaving after work. I am really looking forward to the break and change of pace.

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