August 6, 2006: Lazy Sunday

We stayed up working last night until close to four in the morning. We probably should not have done that as we didn’t get out of bed until after noon. Oops. That will make going to work tomorrow that much harder.

I did the SGL updates for Friday and Saturday and then worked to get some of the pictures that we took yesterday in Lebanon ready to post to Flickr so that you could all share in our new little town. I posted the first three pictures today as only three are visible at a time on the main page here. Click on the pictures to go to the Flickr page so that you can see all of the pictures. I will try to get more up tomorrow as I have almost a dozen that I want to post. But at least people can get the first glimpses of our house being built. It is scheduled for completion in mid-November although I doubt that they will actually finish on time. We are planning on it being closer to December.

Dominica had a big homework day today and managed to get a ton done with her database class project that was due by midnight tonight. This class is producing a lot of work for her but she is learning a lot from it. It is really quite a valuable class.

I spent the day working on my asset tracking system project that I have been doing for the last several days. I ended up working on it until after midnight but I managed to finally get it into a working state that I am pretty happy with. It is far from finished but I did a bunch of redesign and refactoring of it and I am pretty happy with here it is at after just a few days. It is ready to be used lightly this week and, with any luck, I will have enough time to work on it some more this week.

We went over to the Omega Diner for dinner tonight. We just were not in the mood to sit home after having worked all day. We needed the break. After dinner we went over to Barnes & Nobles and did some book shopping. I ended up getting a new PHP book: PHP in Practice. I also picked up a few other miscellaneous titles. It has been a good book week.

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