August 7, 2006: Just Another Manic Monday

Is it just me or do Monday morning elicit memories of the Bangles and the Mamas and the Papas?

Today started off with me jumping out of bed and working in the living room trying to catch up on work that had piled up throughout the night. I ended up getting to be so busy that I had to stay at home to work until lunchtime! It was quite the busy morning.

Since I was home, Dominica and I went over to the Omega Diner to get lunch before I headed up to the office. It was a nice change of pace for the day. Dominica took the laundry with her so that she could head straight to the laundromat to do that since we were out of the house. There was a lot of laundry to do. It has been over two weeks, I think, since it has been done. She took her database textbook along with her so that she could read about data mining. Oh the excitement.

My afternoon at the office ended up being super crazy just like my morning was. I barely got a breather all day. I ended up working quite a bit later than I had anticipated and didn’t manage to leave the office until after 6:30. Then, even after I had left, I got stuck in the parking garage on the phone until after 7:00. I got a chance to talk to just about everyone though. I talked to Joe in South Carolina, Eric in Rochester, my cubicle neighbour who left the company that I am at now last week and even Jonathan Stagno in Los Angeles. I haven’t talked to Stagno since last fall – just before my cell phone was smashed in Florida with his numbers in it. He was married on December 18th of last year!

Dominica and I had planned on just eating at home tonight but I was so burnt out on my way home that I decided that we needed to go somewhere for dinner so that I could get a break and relax so she met me out at Tanjore. It works out well to go there on Monday nights since they are closed on Tuesdays.

I managed to talk to Nate tonight and make plans for this upcoming weekend. Dominica and I are staying in New Jersey on Friday night which is a nice change from having to pack up and take off straight after work on Friday night. Then on Saturday morning we are driving up to Ithaca and meeting the Parkers for lunch. From Ithaca Nate and I are going to drive together up to Syracuse for golfing with Bob’s bachelour party. Dominica will catch a ride out to Geneseo with Tammy who is going to Perry. Then, after the party, Nate and I will drive from Syracuse out to Geneseo. Complicated but it works out. Then, on Sunday, Dominica and I are working in Pittsford for a few hours before heading back down to New Jersey. It is going to be a really busy weekend.

Bob Crissman taught a blogging and podcasting class today in Binghamton.

It was very late by the time that we got back from dinner so we just did some light work and relaxing around the house. I spent the biggest part of the evening entertaining the dog who had been left home alone for a large portion of the day. He really missed his daddy and wanted to play a lot.

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