August 9, 2006

Today turned out to be another really busy day at work. I spent almost the entire day completely swamped. It is good to be needed but it would be nice to have a break as well. I had almost no time to do anything.

By the end of the day the only thing that I had really managed to do for myself was make it through one issue of Baseline and I wrote a letter to one of their senior writers but that was about it. Not much for a ten hour day. Tomorrow I am working from home. I need the break.

Take a look at the new pictures that I posted of the view from our house in Lebanon. They are awesome. We have to work to not get too excited. It is still early and there is a lot yet to go wrong before we actually get the house. The biggest thing being that we need to sell our house in Geneseo yet. Ugh.

I have been so busy at work that this is the entire update. Nothing to write about. Just busy.

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