August 8, 2006

After yesterday I was worried that work was going to be completely nuts again today.

Some time ago Dominica sent me this link to the Queens County Farm Museum from GoCityKids that she thought looked interesting. The Queens County Farm Museum is the only working historical farm in the city and it 47 acres which is a huge tract of land for New York City. I would like to go to the museum sometime. It would probably be quite interesting. Dominica had pointed it out because my family had the oldest European farm on Long Island and this is the oldest one existing in the vicinity. She thought that maybe this was my family farm but this one is in Queens County and my family’s farm was in Kings County just to the south.

Need a good reason not to buy Apple products? Read about Apple’s likely cover-up of a major security hole in its system that is widely known about but Apple, like Cisco, is able to keep the actual announcement of it under wraps through probably legal pressure. Isn’t it funny that the US legal system will happily fight against the truth as long as it hurts consumers. It is unethical behaviour like this that keeps me from buying Apple and, coincidentally, Cisco equipment. Cisco lost my vote in any buying decision with its clear anti-secure tactics from last year’s Black Hat conference. If Cisco, and apparently Apple, care so little about the safety of their customers then why would their customers care to give them their money?

Today ended up being busy but not quite as busy as yesterday. Enough work to keep me hopping though. Yesterday was a little too busy for my taste but it doesn’t seem to happen too often.

I got home from work in good time. It was about 6:30 which isn’t bad at all. Dominica cooked dinner and we just ate at home. It was a fairly uneventful and relaxing evening. Dominica worked on her homework on data mining and I worked to build a quick and dirty new web site for my high school class. You can check out my progress at York94.

My high school class reunion picnic (which is at twelve years instead of ten – go figure) is coming up soon but I can’t make it to it which is very sad. At least I get to be involved with the web site.

I talked to dad tonight. He is planning on coming down to New Jersey the weekend after next (August 18th – 22nd.) He hasn’t been down to see where we live or where I work yet. He has never been to this area so I am sure that it will be neat to see what New Jersey is actually like.

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