September 11, 2006: Five Years

It has been five years today since the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Hard to believe. Manhattan is starting to look normal without the towers now. I have now seen it more often without than with. Very strange that just yesterday Dominica and I were right across from “ground zero” at one of the closest point in New Jersey. The view from there must have been something.

Oreo was super, ultra snuggle boy last night. He slept most of the night right up against my side with his head on my shoulder. Apparently he was cold. He doesn’t like having to get up in the morning to commute in to Doggie Paradise with Dominica.

I ended up working from home a little this morning and didn’t manage to make it into the office until almost eleven. What a busy day. I was going nuts all day trying to keep up with everything. Days like this wear you out but they also make you feel good. It wasn’t like I was spinning my wheels all day. I was, in fact, quite productive and worked very well. It is nice to end the day knowing that you got tons and tons done.

But it was a long day and I was quite tired by the time that I got home. I got to North Brunswick and Dominica and I ran right out to Tanjore to get some dinner. We both needed a break. Dominica’s second week of work is going well and Oreo had a really good time at doggie daycare.

We got home and it was right off to bed. Yes, at half past nine we were both ready for bed. How old are we?

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