September 12, 2006

I woke up, of my own accord, at a quart to five this morning. I was wide awake so I decided to get up and to get to work. There has been so much work to do at the office that getting up and getting right to work was well worth it. I just worked around the house for the first few hours. I was working an hour before Dominica even got out of bed.

Min got up and she and Oreo headed off for Nutley. Oreo is getting used to going to daycare and is very tired in the morning but quite excited to get to play with his new doggie friends. He made a new friend yesterday. A little girl corgie (I have no idea how to spell that) that has been there at least ten times and has never found anyone to play with made friends with him yesterday and they are having a great time together.

I didn’t actually go into the office itself until around nine. But I was well into my workday by the time that I got there. I had the pleasure of finding out first thing this morning (if you can call four hours into the day first thing) that my contract which was due to be up in a few weeks has been extended for another year – that is twice as long again as how much I have worked all ready.

I got home quite late. Dominica was running late too as she had done some shopping on her way home. So we met up at the Omega Diner and had some dinner. I had the salmon cakes with horseradish sauce. Yum.

We came home just in time for me to have me credit by evaluation interview for Empire State College. That took about an hour or so. Boy is it ever a relief to have that over. I wasn’t really concerned about it but it was just that one last bit of “process” that was hanging over my head for the past six months. It has been really difficult to get that scheduled. Now it is done and the results should be in to the college around the end of the week. As long as it went well, and I am sure that it did, then everything is set for my college work to be presented to the regents. The only part that I am involved in from here on out is making sure that other people do their parts. My contributions to my college degree are now over barring any additional requirements imposed by the regents themselves which, as I understand it, is fairly rare. My program was approved by my direct mentor, then by the regional college branch and now just has to be double checked by the regents themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually graduate?

After my interview it was off to bed. I had to send off an email and had some issues so it was close to eleven when I finally got to bed and that was a bit later than I had been hoping for since I need to be working pretty early in the morning. But nevermind since I no longer have that college stuff hanging over my head.

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